The Witcher Series Will Be Entirelly Shot In Europe, Won’t Be An American Show

The Witcher series is officially announced to be released on Netflix in 2020. It will be shot in Europe and possibly in Poland, straying from the classics.

The Witcher series is officially announced to be released on Netflix in 2020, having just eight episodes and bearing heavy expectations due to the video games’ success. If you were worried that it might fall into the category of classic American shows fear not, its producers want to make it include more European and Slavic features.

Tomasz Bagiński, known for his Oscar-nominated short The Cathedral, will be one of the producers for the Witcher series. According to him, he knew that the series would arouse a lot of emotions, but the outcome surprised even its creators. In the Witcher universe, Bagiński created the openings for all three franchise video games, giving him enough know-how as to what needs to be done.

In an interview granted to the portal and later reported by, Bagiński pointed out that if he could relate the Witcher series to anything, it would be the upcoming Lord of the Rings adaptation, by Amazon. The series won’t be a typical American show. Among other things, this is why the episode version of The Witcher will be shot entirely in Europe – probably also in Poland. This gives hope that the series will have Eastern European, Slavic features.

Bagiński is satisfied with cooperation with Netflix and he reveals that the Witcher series are made through good organization and full professionalism on their part. However, on his part, he made clear that he never created a game before, other than creating props needed for marketing purposes. This is mainly the reason why he believes the series will be much different than the games but they’ll still bear similarities.

There’s still no news about the cast of the Witcher series and that fills fans with a bunch of questions about what they’ll see when it finally airs. It’s still a long road before the Witches series finally hit our screens, while its premiere window is set for 2020.

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