How To Remove Blur In The Sims 4

There is a mod to remove the mosaic or blur off your Sim while they are showering, swimming, or engaged in a sexual activity in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 employs a blur filter for your characters every time they use the bathroom, take a shower, or engage in activities that may be considered private. While the game does not render minute details, the effect adds a dimension of innocence to the game, which is important as a wide audience enjoys this game.

A new mod has been developed by the modding community of The Sims 4 that terminates the game’s censorship and provides you with a more realistic experience.

If you want to do that, read more about the mod that removes your blurry parts in The Sims 4.

How to install the No Mosaic mod in The Sims 4

This uncensored mod is perfect when it comes to Sims 4 blur removal. After downloading and installing this mod for your game, every blurred picture will be clear. Like most mods for the Sims 4, this one is also a free download.

You just need to follow the following steps to install this mod successfully.

  • Head to the “Mod The Sims” website and download the “Removed Mosaic Mod“. You can only access or download this mod using a PC or a Mac.
  • Go to your download folders and select the files option after clicking on the file. The files option is right next to the caption box.
  • Click on the “Moxiemason No Mosaic Toddlerupdate_15012016.rar” file, and you will move to the download link for the mod.
  • Click on the download and get the RAR file of the mod.
  • Using any software such as WinRAR to extract the files from the zipped file.
  • Go to Documents and move to Electronic Arts. Select The Sims 4 and open the Mods folder. Create a new folder and paste all the files inside.
  • Just start the game and Click on the other menu of the game.
  • Select “Enable Custom Content” and “Enable Script mods“.
  • Restart your game, and your Sims 4 will run without blur during the scenes.

What does the mod remove?

The mod allows you to remove blurs from the following:

  • While showering in the washroom
  • Breastfeeding the babies
  • Smudge
  • Using the toilet and bathroom
  • Changing the diapers
  • Being fully naked
  • Training your children or the “Potty March”

However, this mod has some limitations, and you must abide by them.

You are not allowed to walk outside while naked. Nothing changes if you shower while wearing clothes, meaning the mod cannot undo your clothing.

Lastly, Sims 4 blur removal occurs for all events involving something within the mod’s domain. It means you cannot just randomly decide to blur a thing for one thing and decide to remove the blur in the next.

How to fix “Mosiac mod not working” in the Sims 4

In some cases, this mod may not work for you. Due to the finicky nature of mods, this problem can arise for a couple of reasons. If the mod does not work for you, make sure you follow all of the following diagnostics:

  • Before downloading and installing, ensure that you do not have any older versions of this mod saved in The Sims 4 mod folder. The older version is called “Moxiemason_no mosaic”.
  • Make sure custom content is enabled, as we’ve discussed above
  • Reinstall the mod
  • Update your game to make sure it’s not the latest version
  • Restart your PC and relaunch the game.
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