The Last of Us Part 2 Easter Eggs

The Last of Us 2’s serious post-apocalyptic settings have a lot of relieving humor to be found in the form of hidden references around its rich world. With these The Last of Us Part 2 Easter Eggs locations, we will be detailing you with the locations of each and every single one of these eerie references found in the game.

The Last of Us Part 2 Easter Eggs Locations

The world of The Last of Us 2 is filled with a bunch of Easter Eggs for the players to discover if they have a keen eye. You might have come across a number of these during your first playthrough, but some of these are very cleverly hidden.

We have managed to find a number of them and listed down all of them with their respective locations just for you.

PlayStation 3
You can find the famous PlayStation 3 console in various households you’ll be going through in the world of The Last of Us 2.

It’s a pretty cool reference, considering the world of the Last of Us 2 went into chaos before the PlayStation 4 ever came out, so it’d make sense you’d see only these babies lying around.

Jak & Daxter / Uncharted References
You can find several copies of Uncharted 2 as well as Jak and Dexter near the PlayStation 3’s inside several homes in TLoU Part 2.

Nathan Drake’s Ring
You can find Nathan Drake’s ring in Westlake Bank. After opening the vault using the combination 602306, you’ll find a Pump-Action Shotgun right next to a corpse.

In the North-Eastern corner of this room, behind the trolley of money, you’ll be able to find an Engraved Ring within a drawer. Collecting it unlocks the ‘So Great and Small’ trophy for Last of Us 2.

Precursor Orb Easter Egg
A Precursor Orb, an homage to Jak & Daxter can be found as a collectible in the Last of Us Part 2 in the Hostile Territory chapter.

Head into the Ruby Dragon early on in the chapter. It can be found down the street from Jasmine Bakery.

Kill the clickers inside, and jump across the gap into a building on the opposite side.

In the very first room, you can find an Artefact by the name of ‘Jasmine Bakery Safe’.

In the next room from this, investigate the table against the wall. You can find the Artefact on it. Collecting it will unlock the ‘Relic of the Sages’ Trophy.

Jak X: Combat Racing
You can find an Arcade Cabinet for Jak X: Combat Racing, which released on the PlayStation 2 back in the good ol’ days.

In The Last of Us Part 2 however, you can find an arcade cabinet dedicated to the game. It is found during the ‘Flooded City’ in the abandoned arcade.

Savage Starlight
At the very start of the ‘Finding Strings’ chapter, you can find a comic ‘Savage Starlight’ in the resort.

This TLoU Part 2 reference is kind of a throwback to the first game, and you will find Joel and Ellie talking about the storyline just a little bit later in the chapter.

Jurassic Park
You’ll find that Joel will make a number of references to Jurassic Park itself. At one point, he references a line from the movie, ‘That’s one big pile of shit!’.

Point Break
After tracking the underground back during the Seattle Day One chapter, Dina will make several references to Point Break.

PS Vita
You can find a WLF member playing on a PS Vita in The Last of Us Part 2. He will drop it on the ground after being killed, however. All those games, gone to waste, shame.

Hotline Miami
That PS Vita we just discussed? Yeah, after killing the handheld owner, you can find that he was actually playing the infamous Hotline Miami! You can even hear a little bit of its soundtrack.

Giraffe Toy / Museum Giraffe
There are two points in the game which give a callback to the iconic scene from the first game, involving a very cute Ellie and a Giraffe.

The first reference can be found as a stuffed toy during the Patrol chapter. It even counts as a journal entry.

The second reference is found during the museum flashback, where Ellie sees a diplodocus skeleton, which Ellie remarks, ‘Looks like a giraffe’.

Crash Bandicoot (NSFW)
During your raid on Eugene’s bunker in TLoU Part 2, you’ll come across a very strange DVD in his porn stash labeled, ‘Smash Brandi’s Cootch’.

It’s pretty understandable what it’s referring to, even though it’s weird.

Superhero Cards / Druckmann Reference
You can find various hero trading cards scattered throughout the world. Most of these are very subtle references to commonly known superheroes from well-known franchises such as MCU, X-Men and even Hellboy.

There’s one card in specific which actually refers to the vice president Neil Druckmann. The card can be found in the Downtown chapter of the game, labeled as Dr. Uckmann.

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