The Cycle: Frontier Best Starting PvP Kits

The Cycle: Frontier crosses both PvE and PvP into a mixed genre of massively online shooting experience. While the real...

The Cycle: Frontier crosses both PvE and PvP into a mixed genre of massively online shooting experience. While the real PvP duels will begin once you hit the endgame, there will always be players out there looking to test their kits.

Hence, it pays to be prepared when you head out on missions. Having the right PvP kit will make quick work of enemy players and help you take control of an area to farm resources in peace.

The following guide will set you up with the best starting kits for PvP combat in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier Best Starting Kits For PvP

Take note that your combat kit consists of weapons, armor, utility, and consumables in the game.

Best Starting Weapons For PvP

The C-32 bolt action sniper rifle, S-576 PDW submachine gun, and B9 pump-action trenchgun are possibly the best starting weapons you can have for PvP in The Cycle: Frontier.

For players looking to take headshots from far away, the C-32 sniper rifle is a worthy choice. It is available right at the start of the game and costs 6,800 K-Marks. It has a great default scope and does 57 damage per shot.

For players looking to get close and personal, consider the S575 PDW submachine gun to rip apart enemies. While its damage per bullet is low, its high firing rate guarantees to shred enemy players provided that you are able to empty a whole magazine into them.

Finally, there is also the B9 pump-action shotgun that can potentially take out enemy players in a single blast at close range. You will need to get right into their face to land 80 damage per shell. A single blast will cut them down to size. Two will leave a mess. You can purchase the B9 Trengun for 1,200 K-Marks at the start of the game.

Best Starting Armor For PvP

The common helmet and shield you start with are good enough for the duration. They give you 500 and 600 durability respectively with a standard 10 armor points.

You will, however, need to upgrade them to their uncommon tier as soon as possible to boost your overall durability and armor. Printing an uncommon helmet and shield will not be that much of a grind in the early game, but will give you a massive advantage in any PvP encounter.

Best Starting Backpacks For PvP

The best of you will never require a large enough backpack for a PvP skirmish. The small backpack that you start with should hence be more than enough.

That being said, you can upgrade yourself by printing a medium backpack if you have the necessary resources. The large inventory space will allow you to stock up on more consumables and gear.

However, printing a better backpack should never be your priority when you head out to farm resources for PvP kits. Those K-Marks and farming time can be better spent on your consumables, armor, and such.

Best Starting Consumables For PvP

You are going to need good healing to survive every PvP duel. You are hence recommended to stock Weak Stim and Weak Medkit.

Weak Stims and Weak Medkits give you an immediate 15 and 100 health boost respectively. The former comes in handy to quickly heal and jump advancing enemy players. The latter can be considered as a second life to quickly get your health back up after escaping a gunfight with a slither of health.

Furthermore, a good old-fashioned grenade should always be part of every kit to flush out camping enemy players.

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