The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Audio Logs Locations Guide

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has such a mind-boggling number of collectibles that sometimes, it’s hard to keep track. It’s got Comic Book Pages drifting through the winds for all you comic fans out there and then it’s got Audio Logs.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Audio Logs Locations

There are 40 Audio Logs in total; half of which can be found in the Main Story Missions and the other half can be found while swinging through the New York City in Free Roam.

Each of these Audio Logs can be played from the Main Menu and each will divulge tidbits about various characters in the game. In this guide, I will only be covering the Main Story Missions Audio Logs since jotting down the Free Roam is no less than a hassle.

Mission #4 – Raid on Oscorp

Harry Osborne #1
After rescuing Max Dillion from the captives, look for this Audio Log sitting on a desk.

Max Dillion #2
After freeing Max Dillion from the captives, head to your right to a fenced area and it will be right outside a door in the long alleyway.

Max Dillion #1
While you are making your way to the Cooling Vent to save the whole building from crumbling, you will see a large glowing generator in the centre of the room. Go right from this area and you will spot a spinning fan in the distance. Web Shoot this fan and get inside to grab this Audio Log.

Mission #6 – Into the Lion’s Den

Max Dillion #3
In the Russian Hideout, drop down the large hole in the floor near the wrecked train car and it will be sitting on a crate in the corner.

Mission #7 – No One is Safe!

Felicia Hardy #1
While you are in the theater controlling Peter Parker, come out of the initial area and it will be lined against the pillar.

Wilson Fisk #1
It will be located on a small alcove at the left side of the main stage.

Felicia Hardy #2
This Audio Log is located behind the door located at the right side of the main stage.

Felicia Hardy #3
After wearing the Spider Suit and saving the hostages from the thugs, you need to go to the far end and climb up the stairs to find this Audio Log. You will also get a Jameson’s Photo right under the stairs.

Wilson Fisk #2
After getting the Felicia Hardy Journal #3, head to your left and jump up on a small platform from the top of the stairs to get this.

Wilson Fisk #3
This can be found in the Docks area. You need to climb up the fence near the water and look for it on one of the trucks parked there.

Mission #9 – Claws of the Cat

Felicia Hardy #6
While in the museum, you will see a large elephant skeleton in the centre. From this area, go to right side and you will see some tusks exhibited on a green wall. Go behind this wall and you will get the Audio Log.

Felicia Hardy #7
While you are at the bottom floor of the museum, go to the signboard which shows that Paleozoic Era is straight ahead; at the back side of the large elephant skeleton. The Audio Log will be sitting on a glass case.

Mission #10 – My Ally, My Enemy

Harry Osborne #2
After speaking with Harry, it will be sitting right next to him.

Harry Osborne #3
In the same room from where you collect Harry Osborne #2, look for this Audio Log beneath a picture.

Mission #11 – The Kingpin of Crime

Wilson Fisk #4
You need to get beneath the very first building you enter and find it laying on the floor.

Wilson Fisk #5
After coming down from the first ramp, you need to go outside and it will hiding in the grass; right next to an open window.

Wilson Fisk #6
While in the compound, you need to break open the wooden scaffolding in the corner to reveal this Audio Log.

Wilson Fisk #7
Get to the large tower right next to a destructed truck and it will be sitting on the hood of the truck.

Wilson Fisk #8
During the boss battle, you will see this Audio Log sitting on a desk near the initial position of the Kingpin.

Mission #14 – Maximum Carnage

Max Dillion #10
You need to get inside the central electrical cage to get this Audio Log.

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