Temtem Wiplump Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

This guide contains all the critical information required to capture a Wiplump including its location on different islands of Temtem

There are many Temtems that you find throughout your adventure on the lovely Airborne Archipelago islands. In this guide, we will give you all the information about Temtem Wiplump Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats.

Temtem Wiplump Locations, How to Catch, Evolve and Stats

Wiplump has the following base stats that increase with the levels and more training

  • HP: 66
  • STA: 80
  • SPD: 70
  • ATK: 40
  • DEF: 50
  • SPATK: 95
  • SPDEF: 80

Where To Find Wiplump
Wiplump is a fairly common find on the Island of Deniz. You can find it at the Thalassian Cliffs, Sillaro River and Aguamarina Caves.

Type Defense
Depending on the Type Defense, a Temtem can be particularly effective or ineffective against other Temtems. For Wiplump, we have compiled all its strengths and weaknesses below:

  • Fire: 0.5x
  • Water: 0.5x
  • Grass: 2x
  • Electric: 4x
  • Earth: 0.25x
  • Wind: 0.5x
  • Toxic: 2x

This Temtem is the final form in an evolutionary line consisting of 2 stages. Once Fomu has been leveled up 20 times, it will evolve into Wiplump. You can find Fomu easily Sillaro River, The Gifted Bridges, Windward Fort and Aguamarina Caves.

If you are unable to find a Wiplump, simply catch Fomu and evolve it into Wiplump by rapidly gaining XP and leveling up.

Wiplump Techniques
Wiplump has the following techniques which it can get through leveling up.

Lvl Name Type Damage Stamina
1 Bubbles Water 27 5
2 Head Charge Melee 80 10
4 Tenderness Mental 3
9 Ice Cubes Water x2 54 13
17 Blizzard Wind 120 15
23 Cold Breeze Wind 10 9
27 Drill Impact Neutral 120 20
42 Tornado Wind 145 31

In addition, these moves can be learned through Technique Courses (TC).

TC# Name Type Damage Stamina
1 Tsunami Water + Wind 70 25
7 Noxious Bomb Water x2 100 20
8 Awful Song Neutral x2 96 20

The following moves can be learned via Breeding

Name Type Damage Stamina
Ice Shuriken Water 60 14
Lullaby Mental 27
Sharp Rain Water 130 20