Where to find Clementine and her clues in Stray

Clementine is a member of the “Outsider” faction which consists of various robots with unique appearances and personalities who are...

Clementine is a member of the “Outsider” faction which consists of various robots with unique appearances and personalities who are trying to free themselves from the city of the dead. Finding her is an integral part of the main storyline.

The following guide will you track down Clementine in Stray.

Where to find Clementine in Stray

You will come across Clementine two times in the game. You can find her the first time after reaching the Antvillage through the sewers. Speaking with Zbaltazar in the Antvillage and he will give you Clementine’s photo that has symbols on its back side. This is the clue to finding Clementine in Stray.

Looking at these symbols will reveal that they are for an apartment complex in Midtown. This apartment complex is located beside that hair stylist shop in Midtown.

Once you reach this building, match the symbols on each apartment to the symbol on the back of the photo. Once you find the apartment with the same symbols, jump through the hole and you will find Clementine.

Later on in the game, you will need to steal an Atomic Battery from the Neko Factory for Clementine. To find her the second time, you need to go back to her apartment.

As the city is not on high alert, the building is now full of robots that are searching for you. These robots have sensors, if they see you these sensors will turn red, and the robot will shoot you with a laser so proceed with caution.

Unfortunately, after reaching her apartment you will not find Clementine there but she left behind an encoded message. You must piece together four clues to decode the message to find her.

Following are the locations of all four clues:

Clue #1: Vaporizer
Head into the living room for the vaporizer on the table. It will have smoke coming out of it.

Clue #2: Crystal
In the same living room, use the opened drawer to climb on top of the shelf for the healing crystal.

Clue #3: Traffic Cone
Head into the bathroom to find a broken mannequin with a traffic cone in place of its head.

Clue #4: Lava Lamp
Head into the kitchen to find an orange-blue lava lamp on top of a shelf.

After you have put together all the clues, you will find out that Clementine is in the Midtown Nightclub. The main entrance is guarded so you must take an alternative route. You can enter the club through a window that can be reached by climbing over pipes and air conditioning units.

Once inside, talk to the club’s bartender. He will tell you that someone has taken the lever. The robot who has taken the lever is standing next to a robot wearing a red jacket.

He will tell you that he has the lever. He will give you the lever in exchange for a drink. You can find the drink on the edge of the bartender’s table.

Once you have the lever, go to the DJ counter. There you will give the lever to the DJ who will flip it. This allows you to reach the 2nd floor, where you will press that use the controls to lower the ceiling lights. To lower the lights, you will need to press the right button and then the left button.

With the lights lowered, now you can make your way to the VIP section of the club where you will find Clementine.

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