Steelrising Echo Locations Guide

Echoes are collectibles scattered all over the Paris districts in Steelrising. They add to the game's lore by telling you...

Echoes are collectibles scattered all over the Paris districts in Steelrising. They add to the game’s lore by telling you details about the French Revolution and the characters involved.

Every time you find an echo, your journal entries will be updated with new lore and a short cutscene will follow.

Take note that you do not need to find all of the echoes in Steelrising. They are purely optional. However, finding all of them is how you will be able to free the people powering the titan bosses.

The following guide will tell you where all of the echoes are located in Steelrising.

Where to find all of the Echoes in Steelrising

Athenais de Vaucanson

These echos provide insight into you, the protagonist, and the great engineer’s daughter.

Fifteen Springtimes: You’ll be able to discover this echo during the main storyline while searching for Vauscon. Speaking with La Fayette after fixing the elevator. Then go down a floor and in the corner, you will find the echo.

Our reunion: After jumping out of the window in the Louvre, you’ll be in a street with a garden on your right. Walk to its end and look towards your left to find a grappling point.

Use the Bishop’s Hook to grapple up and break the wall afterward. Once on the other side, drop back down in the streets. Then hop down the hole and enter the underground section to find an opening you can grapple out off. You will find the echo lying here on the ground.

Always at my side: After finding the Our Reunion echo, climb up the stairs to enter the workshop to get this echo.

A never-ending nightmare: This echo can be collected by completing the Origins mission.

The Devil at our door: In Les Invalides, on the way to the Hotel, you’ll notice there is a golden gate next to the first vestal. Open this gate if you’ve already completed the Origins quest and on the other side you will find a house. Once you enter this house you will find this echo.

Farewell, pretty dancer: After you defeat the boss in the Bastille, you will find a room as you pass through the vestal. Look for the echo here.

A charming show: In Versailles, after talking to the queen, you will pass through an area with a small bridge with water below it. On the left, use the stairs to get to the echo.

Antoine Lavoisier

These echoes provide insight into Antoine Lavoisier, a great chemist.

One last hope: It can be found inside the Tuileries region in the Louvre. Visit the Bailly Observatory located on the top floor of the Louvre.

In the lion’s den: In Luxemburg, as you go through the garden area you will find this echo inside a large gazebo.

Daggers and venom: At the corner of the garden area in Luxemburg, Before you dash over to a window, drop down towards the streets below and to your right, and you will find the echo at the corner.

Jean Sylvian Bailly

These echoes provide insight into Jean Sylvian Bailly, a renowned astronomer.

The representatives assemble: When you visit the Tuileries region, you will find this collectible while you are heading towards the Louvre.

There you will notice one passage across a scaffolding. While you follow the passage, you will find this echo. Then this passage will lead you to an apartment that connects the Tuileries district with the Louvre.

Save yourselves if you can: When you get in front of the Louvre, you can find this echo at the end of the garden.

Look behind the flaming carriages and those gallows. Then turn to your right, then before the entrance of the royal palace, you will see a bed of flowers right under the fence.

Final hearing: Inside the Bailly Observatory, use the staircase by leaving through the other door. And you will end up in the corridor with a passageway to the lower floor. From here you can leave the Louvre by jumping out of the window. Or you can reach the corner of the corridor to find the Echo.

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