Starfield Superfan Walkthrough

Help a Superfan DJ retrieve a stolen music slate in Starfield. This is a short and easy side mission to complete.

The highly popular and influential DJ BorealUS has lost her music slate. It contained music that she needed to play for her upcoming show. You need to help her find the Superfan who stole the slate and convince him to return it in Starfield.

The quest is short and will hardly take five minutes if you go through this walkthrough.

How to unlock the Superfan mission

You need to speak with DJ BorealUS at the Astral VIP Lounge to unlock the Superfan mission in Starfield.

Travel to Neon City and then make your way to Neon Core. You can find the DJ in her private booth in the VIP section of the Astral Lounge.

Another way of triggering the Superfan mission is to open your mission log and select the Superfan activity after arriving in Neon City. Do that after you see the mission prompt.

How to complete Superfan in Starfield

DJ BorealUS wants you to help her find a stolen music slate. Your first objective will be to speak with Myka in the Euphorika Bar. To get there, take a right from the Ebbside door that leads to the Astral Lounge.


Convince Myka to share information

Myka will want 1500 Credits to share more information about the missing music slate. If you have credits to spare, pay her or use the Neon Street Rat Trait to get the intel for free.

Find a way to get some information about the music slate from Myka.

Myka will tell you the location of Stratos, the person who stole the slate. Head over to Madame Sauvage’s located on the other side of the Ebbside to confront Stratos.

Recover the music slate from Stratos

There are three ways of getting the music slate back from Stratos to complete Superfan in Starfield. You can either give him some Aurora, persuade him to see reason, or pickpocket the slate.

If you have level 3 or higher persuasion skills, getting back the slate won’t be that hard however if you fail to do so, the next best thing is pickpocketing.

Sneak past Stratos and pickpocket the slate from him. We recommend saving your game before pickpocketing Stratos. This way, if you fail and get caught, you can still reload and try again without facing jail time.

Your last resort is paying him in Auroras. We don’t recommend doing so as buying auroras from a vendor can cost you up to 5000 Credits in Starfield and defeats the whole purpose of playing the Superfan quest.

Return to BorealUS

After you’ve acquired the slate, return to BorealUS and provide her with the slate to complete the Superfan side mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Superfan mission rewards

  • 2500X Credits
  • 100 EXP

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