How To Level Up Special Projects Skill In Starfield

If you want to craft rare items in Starfield, you will need to level up your Special Projects Skill.

Research in Starfield allows you to explore new unlocks and craftable items you can produce using the workbenches. The research skills require points that allow you to explore further into the categories. The Special Projects skill is one of those, and it is used in the crafting of certain items in Starfield. 

The Special Projects skill allows you to craft rare items in the game. For example, if you want to add a unique or exotic item to your inventory, you can craft it. You will need the raw materials to ensure your Special Projects skill has reached level 4.

How to unlock Special Projects Skill in Starfield

The Special Project skill is a master-tier skill. It can only be unlocked once you have reached the max level on a Science skill. The Special Project skill will be the pinnacle of every skill you have mastered in the Science skill tree. 

Before you reach this level, the skills will allow you to only explore lower levels of items in terms of rarity. Unlocking the Special Projects skill will result in crafting items belonging to different rarity. Meaning the items it yields will be far better than what you had equipped on before. 

Levelling up Special Projects skill in Starfield

Levelling up the Special Projects skill is the same as any other skill. If you look closely after opening the skill rank, you will get a tab on the lower left. The corresponding tab will tell you what you need to do in order to unlock the next rank of the skill. 

Every time you craft an item, it will advance your skill levels. Keep doing so until you reach the required level.

Here are the perks you will get if you rank up each level; 

  • Rank 1: you will have the opportunity to research experimental-level tech
  • Rank 2: you will unlock the crafting of Rare manufactured components in the game 
  • Rank 3: the game will give you access to crafting Exotic manufactured items
  • Rank 4: the unique manufactured items will be unlocked for crafting
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