Does Starfield Support Cross Saves?

Cross Saves in Starfield are a life saver for the people who like to game on various machines. In this guide, we will explain how they work and how to resolve any cross saves issues in Starfield.

People have different gaming machines nowadays, and they might have some friends on one, and some friends on another. As such, instead of players being forced to create different accounts on every console, Bethesda has integrated a cross saves transfer option in the game. This guide will look at how cross saves work in Starfield and how players can transfer their saves from one platform to another. Before proceeding any further, game pass version of Starfield also supports crossplay and cross saves.

How to use Starfield cross saves

Starfield is available now on both PC and Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. The game uses cloud-based game saves. Players can freely use their saves on both their PC and Xbox machines with the appropriate settings. You can also make multiple saves (up to 3 characters) in Starfield on one account and use them on multiple machines.

The first thing players need to do is to have a copy of Starfield purchased on the Xbox Store to be able to use cross saves. Download the Xbox Store app on your PC or mobile, and create an account that players have on all their platforms (the game should be purchased from that account). If you already have an account, most probably your Microsoft account, just use that to log in to the Xbox platform on the console or PC app.

From here, things are simple. Just download Starfield on your PC (Xbox app) or Xbox and play to your heart’s content. All your saves are on the cloud, and you can access them from your Xbox devices or PC automatically via cross save functionality in Starfield. Make sure you are logging in to the same account on different machines as cross saves are account based in Starfield.

Can you transfer saves from Xbox to Steam version of Starfield?

Unfortunately, players cannot use cross saves if they are playing Starfield bought from Steam. Steam does not have access to Microsoft’s cloud and as such, any save made in the game purchased on Steam will not carry over to your other devices. This is also the case if you are playing on Xbox and want to shift to steam. The most important thing that you need to know there is no crossplay either between steam or Xbox/MS store. If you purchase Starfield on Xbox or Microsoft Store on PC, you need to buy it again on steam even if you are on the same computer.

Steam players will have to rely on Steam’s own cloud storage and then login to their own account on another PC if they wish to continue using those saves. Although this doesn’t count as cross save but at least you still have the cloud save functionality for Starfield.


How to fix Starfield cross save issue on PC

In case, you run across a problem where your Starfield saves from Xbox console are not appearing on PC (xbox app), there is a very quick fix. Open “Task Manager“, go to “Services” tab and highlight “GamingServices“. Right click and restart the service. Now open your Xbox App once more and run Starfield. Voila. The game will automatically sync your saves and you are good to go.

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