Star Citizen Hits 200,000,000 in Crowdfunding But Still No Release Plans

The crowd funded Star Citizen hits a 200,000,000 milestone in its development funds.The game that was originally set to release in 2014 continues to develop

Wow, did I write that right? Did you read it right? Yes and yes. The crowdfunded Star Citizen has hit an astounding 200,000,000 in donations. That’s either one trillionaire fanboy or a heaping amount of people that really want to see this game released.

Makes sense too, after the recent scuffle in space exploration games like No Man’s Sky and Mass Effect Andromeda, people have been sort of desperate for a good space game. I think that faith is being placed in the upcoming Star Citizen.

The game has been in development since 2012. With the original intent of releasing it around 2014. Evidently, that hasn’t happened yet, four years later.

Star Citizen has for sure passed whatever milestones it may have had with funding. Seeing as how the game’s matched the budget behind a title like GTA V.

The costs, however, haven’t really shown any mercy I bet. Seeing as how the game’s been repeatedly delaying its release for nearly four years now.

Don’t get it wrong though, this is a good thing (I hope?) It’s better that the game being released in a full, complete and well-developed state. The early access cash grabs like PUBG had become an annoyance.

The last time a game rushed its release, we had Sonic 06….yeesh.  Star Citizen definitely shows its own promise though with the number of modules and development being poured into the game.

Space exploration, ship design and combat? Yes, please. The people have been aching for a good space battle sim anywho.

The game’s got Mark Hamil in it I mean come on dude. They’re definitely going all out with providing the full space experience, down to adding a Jedi Master to the ranks.

He’s not the only one though, as we see Gary Oldman and Mark Strong join the fray of A-list actors to provide a voice and face to the game. Maybe even a good story if we’re lucky enough.

On one hand, a longer wait is good for the development of the game is absolute. 200,000,000 is a good number to draw the line at as well. They don’t need to wait for more, and finally get this game to go golf.

Hopefully in the soon to be coming years. On the other hand, though, overhyping and pent-up anticipation can usually ruin a game’s launch traction.

Especially considering that the game’s been delayed for more than 4 years already. Please don’t become the next Half-Life 3, sincerely, the people that paid for a good experience.

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