How to Get Gold Fish Scales in Splatoon 3

Gold Fish Scales are one of the many resources available in Splatoon 3. You can use these resources at the Exchange Desk in Splatville to buy different collectibles like Banner Designs, Stickers, and Statues.

To get this item, you must fight with King Salmonid. We will cover complete details on how we can start the battle and collect some Gold Fish Scales in Splatoon 3.

How to get gold fish scales in Splatoon 3

To get Gold Fish Scales, you must damage the King Salmonid while completing the Xtrawave in Salmon Run Next Wave. You will face three waves of Salmonids before getting a chance to face King Salmonid.

While defeating the waves of Salmonids, you will collect Power and Golden Eggs that you will use in the battle against the King. Once you have taken out all three waves of Salmonids, you may get to face the King Salmonid.

It is not guaranteed that you will encounter the King. It depends on your luck, and you may have to try multiple times to encounter King Salmonid, who will drop the Fish Scales.

Once you have the chance to face the King, you will be given an Egg Canon loaded with the Golden Eggs. You will use that cannon as a weapon against the King in a timed battle.


Even if you fail to take out the King before the timer ends, you take the Fish Scales you collected during the fight. So instead of focusing on the timer and killing the King, you should focus on making more hits and collecting more Scales.

Types of fish scales

The King Salmonid will drop three types of fish scales: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Gold Fish Scales are the rarest ones dropped by King Salmonid, with higher hazard levels in Splatoon 3.

The hazard level is determined by the sum of each player’s ranking. So if you want to face a high hazard-level King Salmonid and collect more Gold Fish Scales, you will need to increase your ranking.

Once you have encountered the King Salmonid and collected some Fish Scales, you can head to the Exchange Desk in Splatsville and exchange them for different available items. You can also trade the Fish Scales for work outfits if you don’t want other things.

You can complete this shift with your three other friends as Salmon Run Next Wave allow you to enter with four players. More players are equivalent to a higher rate of eggs, so it is not a bad option.

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