Spider-Man Miles Morales Someone Left the Lights On Walkthrough

In this Spider-Man Miles Morales Someone Left the Lights On guide, we have the complete Someone Left the Lights on Mission Walkthrough for you.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Someone Left the Lights On

Someone Left the Lights On is the eighth main story quest of Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

This takes place in Greenwich, where Miles is investigating the last known whereabouts of Tinkerer, whose real identity is now known to him.

As you enter Greenwich which is located southwest of Manhattan, you will get the objective marker to enter Mason’s Repair shop.

Enter the shop using the window on the roof and then drop down into the shop.

Once inside the shop, your objective will be to search for evidence regarding Tinkerer.

There are various items inside the shop that you can interact with including a backup with a ‘Particle Physics’ study guide, a broken glass frame with a dollar bill inside, and some guitars as well.

Head to the back part of the shop to gather clues. On the table, there will be a fake ID with a post note on its back.

There are some more clues on the table in the kitchen, including a Nuform Team list and some medicine. There will also be a brick wall on the left side.

Use venom smash to break and uncover a secret lab. Inside the lab, you will find several clues about the Underground and their activities.

On the pc to the left side, there will be a video clip you can watch to know what has been happening here.

As soon as the video ends, Undergrounds will arrive at the lab, and you will be caught in the act.

Toggle the Camouflage and then head to the vantage point showing on the screen and then take out the sniper rifle on the roof by webbing towards him quickly.

Timely use your Camouflage to get away from the sight of the enemies and then take out the remaining sniper on different rooftops around you.

Then return back to the store and defeat the remaining enemies there.

After you have defeated all of the Underground forces, return to the lab you discovered in Mason’s repair shop and use the computer there to trace the location of the phone that was lost in the video.

This will be the end of the mission.

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