Sony is Polling for the Best PlayStation Game of All Time

Sony is trying to figure out which game does the community regard as the best of all time among titles released on PlayStation.

On the original PlayStation console we have had the chance to play countless games, some good and some bad, some unacceptable and some extraordinarily amazing. However, have you figured out which one title can be regarded as the best of all time?

Apparently, that is what Sony Computer Entertainment of America is trying to figure out on the official PlayStation Blog, and they need your help with it. A poll is being held with one task, choosing the all time best title released on the platform:

This week, we celebrated the 20th anniversary PlayStation’s launch in North America. Now, it’s your turn. Tell us — what’s the best original PlayStation game of all time? Cast your vote(s) below by next Tuesday, September 15th at midnight Pacific Time.

In the poll, they are allowing each of the users to cast two votes and either select a game (or games) from the given list or enter a game of their own choice.

The list of games they have listed is too long to be repeated here so we suggest you check out the poll page itself.

That being said, could it be that Sony, after figuring out which game the community regards as the best, brings that title to PlayStation 4? Wouldn’t that be super dope?

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