Sony Announces A Playstation Credit Card In Cooperation With Capital One

Sony has announced a Playstation Credit Card in cooperation with Capital One and Sony Rewards, which will give you reward points for Playstation stuff.

Sony has made something of a bombshell announcement today with the creation of a Playstation credit card, which will allow Playstation fans that get one of the cards to earn rewards on the Playstation Store through their ordinary everyday purchases. This is the first credit card of its kind.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can apply for a card and, when you’re approved, get a $50 Playstation Store credit, which will allow you to pick up at least one game, or even two if you use it during a sale or buy cheaper titles. Along with that credit, using the card will get you a number of other various rewards.

If you use the Playstation credit card, you’ll be earning points on Playstation Store purchases, Playstation and Sony products, paying mobile bills with it, and on every day purchases, going from five points per use to one point per use, depending on what you use it for.

Along with the various points you get for using your card, you’ll also get a number of benefits just for being a card holder. You’ll get 50% cash back as a statement credit off of a Playstation Plus 12-month membership, meaning you’ll only have to pay half as much to buy one, if you have enough payments to equal $3000. You’ll also get 10% off as credit for Playstation’s entertainment services, like Playstation Vue, Playstation Music, and Playstation Now.

The Playstation credit card doesn’t have an annual fee that you have to pay, and you can customize it with any number of video gaming designs as well. For every 100 points you earn, you’ll be getting a dollar in credit, which you can eventually build up enough to buy games, gear, or even a new Playstation 4.

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