Skull & Bones May Be Similar To Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag But Not Quite The Same, Game Director Says

For those who think that the new upcoming game, Skulls & Bones is somekind of a rip off, of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag. Game director has explained why?

Among the most captivating features, in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag was its naval combat, which really took the game to a whole new level. It seems like Ubisoft Singapore is also aware of that fact and for that reason are rolling out a game, that is primarily based on pirates and naval warfare, Skull & Bones.

Following the reveal of the game, a lot of concerns came into existence. It seems to be that this new upcoming game, if not a total but is a partial rip off, of Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag. This concern has been addressed by the director of the game, Bill Money.

Bill Money was asked, that does he find it comfortable when people address this upcoming game, as bits taken from Black Flag? to which he explained, why the game seems to similar and why it is not?

The game Skulls & Bones does take its birth and inspiration from AC4, but that’s just about it. It may be similar to AC4 but it is not quite the same.

He said:

“Black Flag was definitely a starting point”,”Our studio, we basically made the naval combat on Black Flag. It started in AC3 and then we worked on AC4: Black Flag naval. And then from there, our very first idea for this game was ‘hey, let’s take Black Flag and put two players in our world and see what happens.’ So that was the start of this.”

Further elaborating on the difference between these two games, he said that even though Black Flag may be the foundation for Skulls & Bones, in its entirety it is a completely different game.

Bill Money said:

“Black Flag is the foundation and since then we’ve built on that and now it’s a completely different game. It’s a ship and we are behind the wheel of a ship, so there are similarities, but almost every system is something that’s unique and new. There’s hardly any remnants from Black Flag at this point.”

So what we can gather is that this new game based on navel combats is similar to AC4, but not quite the same. Perhaps when we get to play the game, we will be able to differentiate between the two. Having said that, the new trailer that seems to have stirred this concern was showcased at E3 2018.

Be that as it may, Skull & Bones is slated to roll out sometime next year for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.