Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Hub Area Revealed, It’s The Dilapidated Temple

Developers reveal the Sekiro:Shadpws die twice hub, More details on the temple itself as we approach the Sekiro: Shadows die twice release date.

With the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice release date being just around, it’s no surprise that From Software is starting to release more and more information surrounding the game’s mechanics, setting, features, and lore. This includes the name of the Sekiro: Shadows die twice hub area, which has been named the Dilapidated temple. The hub will, of course, be accessed only by players in their own world, since there’s no Sekiro: Shadows die twice multiplayer.

The Dilapidated temple serves as the Sekiro’s hub. It’s a spot for players to either rest, hone their abilities, level up the protagonist, or travel to different areas. It acts like the Firelink shrine from the Dark Souls games or Hunter’s dream from Bloodborne.

Sekiro: Shadows die twice’s hub is also a spot to access and progress several different questlines from. Since you’ll be encountering different NPCs in the game’s world. All of which will be sent back to the Dilapidated temple where they can be talked to. Further elaborating on their stories and missions.

One of the characters confirmed to be in the Sekiro: Shadows die twice hub is the Sculptor. They serve as the character to help players level up and progress the skill tree of their choosing. The game’s leveling system is a bit different from the Souls games that came before. Emphasizing more on the progression of skill trees rather than individual stats.

A character named Emma will also be present in the Dilapidated temple. Her role is to increase the number of healing gourds that the player can carry. Healing gourds being Sekiro’s version of Estus flasks. Luckily, we don’t have to worry about chugging those due to the absence of Sekiro: Shadows die twice multiplayer.

Besides serving as a hub, the Dilapidated temple will also provide players with an ally known as the Immortal soldier. As the name suggests, it’s a soldier that can’t die, how are they useful? The immortal soldier serves as the player’s sparring partner. Meaning new weapons, skills, tactics, and other abilities can be tested out on the soldier in the Sekiro: Shadows die twice hub, before exiting out into the world.

The dilapidated temple can be accessed by using Sculptor’s idols, which function in a manner similar to bonfires or lanterns from Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

From Software’s upcoming single-player action RPG takes players to ancient Feudal Japan. This alone provides an idea of what to expect from the game’s environment and locale. Including Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s Hub, the Dilapidated temple.

While Sekiro Shadows die twice multiplayer is out of the question, a lot of other parts of the experience are certainly reminiscent of the Souls series. Such as the infamous difficulty, the expansive and self-interpretive lore, or the emphasis on skill-based combat. Of course, as the developers have stated, Sekiro is still it’s own game, which is made evident by the differences it’s established from previous titles.

The anticipation and hype continues to build up as we approach the Sekiro: Shadows die twice release date in a couple of months.

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