God of War Originally Had More Boss Fights

Cory Barlog has revealed in a recent interview that God of War 2018 once had lots of bosses in the game but they had to remove most of them.

God of War 2018 was once in a lifetime experience but we surely noticed that there was a lack of bosses in the game as compared to the previous ones. This wasn’t the case at the beginning of God of War 2018 as Cory Barlog has now revealed. Cory says that they had to cut lots of bosses from God of War 2018, due to it being too big.

Cory Barlog recently revealed this in an interview with NoClip. Cory said that it took Santa Monica around 18 months to work on a single boss as in the beginning it was a far more ambitious and crazier project.

Y’know, we cut a lot of bosses. A lot. We had so many more, it was a much more ambitious, crazier game. As you go through development, you start realizing, no, it’s too big, we can’t do this.

One boss takes like 30 developers a year and a half. It’s an absolutely massive scale when you really consider it, and you measure it against other games in which we finished the game in a year and a half.

Cory then went on to say that trolls in God of War were not meant to be boss fights. Most of the bosses we saw in the final version of the game weren’t meant to be in the game at all. Despite all that, God of War is still the best single player game to ever come on any console and that’s why it recently won the game of the year award in 2018.

Now that excites us for the next game in the series, which we hope will be in development soon, surely by Cory Barlog. After playing God of War 2018, we can assure that Cory will take the stakes even higher in the next one.

Cory has been busy giving away some interesting tidbits lately about God of War. He previously revealed that God of War almost had a DLC but it didn’t happen because it was “a little too big”. Cory didn’t want it to be as big as DLC titles like Infamous First Light.

It would end up being its own thing,…Rightfully so, everybody had said to me, ‘Dude, this is crazy. This isn’t DLC, it’s a little too big.

With these confirmations by Cory, it’s safe to say that we should now focus on the next game in the series. Interestingly, the next game in GOW series is also rumored to be in works already as hinted by a Santa Monica employee who recently posted a job listing.

God of War 2018 is here to stay and it’s most likely to win another award at D.I.C.E Awards. God of War is leading the nominees with a total of 12 mentions. After God of War winning game of the year award at TGA 2018, it’s safe to say that it’s going win some more this year.

New God of War New Game+ mode is now also available which is the best way to play this beautiful game once again by also capturing some stunning moments with the photo mode.

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