Riot Games’ New Title Teased as a Big Standalone Game

Riot Games is working on a new title which is going to be a bigger standalone game unrelated to League of Legends!

While the development studio’s name is Riot Games, with an “s” in the end, so far they have only churned out one title and that is League of Legends. However, their Ryan Scott is currently working to actually “trying to get the ‘s’ in the Riot Games name.”

Yes, they are working on a new title and according to the newly updated Twitter profile of Scott, it is going to be “bigger, like complete standalone game.”

He started off by revealing that he was not working on League of Legends anymore but confirmed later that there were other Riot Games projects that he was been spending time on “for the last several months.”

The Twitter profile of Ryan Scott mentions that he is currently the Lead Designer for a Riot Games R&D project. However, LoL fans should not worry because it “is still biggest priority,” although the developers “believe there’s a lot more experienced that players don’t have yet.”

Some more specific hints that he made about the type of game we could get included this line where he said that “genre-wise [the game is] pretty broad. The important thing for us is to make something meaningful, not a “me too” game.”

Also, talking about future games in general he teased “we’re looking say games both in- and out-of the League IP” and “some will use the lol IP, others won’t.”

However, the Riot Games title in question here is not related to League of Legends IP and it also appears to be the next game that they will release.

Moving on to the release plans, you should not expect the game in 2016 because apparently “date can’t even be guessed right now” according to Scott.

Who is excited? I am!

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