Revisit the Whole Resident Evil Saga Here

As a gamer, realising that we are nearing the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil is something that can make you feel old. With a whole twenty years’ worth of story to remember though, it is hard to remember everything that has happened in the horror franchise.

Luckily for us, we have a new set of videos that summarises the story, which will bring us right up to date before Resident Evil 0 is released and we’ll get to revisit that game too. After that, we also have the prospect of being able to revisit Resident Evil 2 once again.

Remembered as one of the better chapters of the Resident Evil story there is always the worry that nostalgia has been in play and it won’t match our memories. For fans of the franchise created by legendary Shinji Mikami though, any chance to relive the story is something to look forward to.

Looking back through the games, obviously the one that is memorial is the first game as it has been recently remastered. Add to Resident Evil 4 and the steady decline of the franchise after that, fans have been left needing a new more positive game. Will we get a new Resident Evil game in 2016? Or will we get a few other remakes before that. I know I for one would enjoy a return to form for Resident Evil.

After watching the first part of the Resident Evil Summary, be sure to watch the second part here. Then let us know your best memories of the Resident Evil Games.

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