Phil Spencer Responds To Criticism Over Project Scorpio By Sony’s CEO

The most significant highlight of Microsoft’s E3 press conference was the reveal of Project Scorpio. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House thinks that Microsoft made a mistake (sort of) by announcing Project Scorpio too soon.

However, Xbox head Phil Spencer have a different opinion about the reveal of Project Scorpio. He responded to the criticism in an interview with Gameblog.

According to Spencer the reason behind revealing Project Scorpio early was due to the fact that, Microsoft has promised to be open to its partners in the developing world and their in-house studios about what they plan to do.

This ensures a great line-up of games at the launch of Project Scorpio, as development on AAA titles can take years to complete.

He said the sooner we reveal our plans is a kind of insurance for our customers, until the console releases, that a great line-up of games will be available at launch.

Phil Spencer is not scared by the idea of Sony adjusting the specs of its PS4 NEO to that of Scorpio, or decline in sales for Xbox One and Xbox One S.


According to Spencer there are smarter businessman out there who would say that if we talk too soon then we might have an impact on what people will buy this year.

He thinks that Microsoft has a great console with Xbox One and Xbox One S is also a great console, but if someone prefers Project Scorpio over Xbox One and wants to buy it, even that does not bother him.

Phil Spencer wants to win customers the right way rather than just sit silently while they buy a console, which is not the console they really want.

Project Scorpio is scheduled to release in Holiday 2017,  the console will feature a native 4K gaming experience, 6 teraflops of GPU and 8 CPU cores, also the console is 4.5x more powerful than Xbox One.

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