Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero Collectibles Locations Guide – Collectibles Locations, Documents, Antique Coins, Character Upgrades, Lockpicks

Not a Hero may be a free add-on for Resident Evil 7, but it is not shallow in terms of content. There is quite a bit of area for you to explore for a free expansion. A refreshing change in the age of pay to play DLC. With new locations, come new collectibles. This Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero Collectibles Locations Guide will tell you all about the new collectible that you can find in the Not a Hero add-on for Resident Evil 7. Read on to find all the Antique Coins, Documents, Lockpicks, and Character Upgrades.

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Not a Hero Collectibles Locations in Resident Evil 7 – Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero Collectibles

As you will know by now, there are a total of four different hidden collectibles that you can find inside of the game. They are the Antique Coins, Lockpicks, Documents, and Character Upgrades. This Resident Evil 7 Collectibles Guide will help you find all of them.

By far the most difficult things to find are the Character Upgrades since they are extremely well hidden. However, they are well worth it since their reward is very beneficial for you. Let’s take a look at where the collectibles are hidden.

Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero Documents Locations

Document #1
Locate it in Chris’ inventory.

Document #2
Same as before, look in Chris’ inventory.

Document #3
Found in Storage Area 1F, inside the backup power room.

Document #4
In the same room as Document #3, search the cabinets.

Document #5
Research Facility in 1F, Go to the white chamber in the Monitoring Room and find it on a metal cart near the bed.

Document #6
Inside of the Research Facility 2F, go upstairs and turn right past the monitoring room. Find the document on a stretcher.

Document #7
Go to the Research Facility in 2F, and go to the last save room to look at the computer.

Document #8
Same place as #7, look at the tables.

Document #9:
Once again, the same place as the previous two. Go to the last save room and look at the wall on the left side of the blue door.

Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero Antique Coins Locations

Antique Coin #1
Find this coin in Work Sector A towards the south of the Mining Work Area 2F.

Antique Coin #2
Go to the Cavern near the cell door and the red shutter in Mining Work Area 1F. The coin is on the wall.

Antique Coin #3
Run past the White Molded in Storage Area 1F’s catacombs. Enter the crate room and look at the left side of the cart to find the coin.

Antique Coin #4
Inside Storage Area 1F, solve the puzzle and kill the molded. Now, look at the corner before you turn right to find the coin.

Antique Coin #5
This coin is also found in the catacombs of Storage Area 1F. Go past the Fat Suicide Molded and go left into a hall with two crates. Break those crates to find the coin.

Antique Coin #6
Find it in the Passage of the Mine Cart Yard. Look for a cavern on your right and enter it to find the coin inside in a bucket.

Antique Coin #7
In the Repair Yard, find it in the room with the key shaped like a creepy clown.

Antique Coin #8
In the Ventilation Room of Mine Cart Yard, save your alley and find the coin in the left corner.

Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero Lockpicks Locations

Lockpick #1
Found in the same place as Antique Coin #5.

Lockpick #2
Find it in Research Facility 2F. Go to the Clinical Lab and find it on a card towards the right side of the save station.

Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero Character Upgrades Locations

Inside of the Mining Work Area 2F, before you face the boss. Go to the open shutter and follow the tracks of the mine cart. Once you get to the cart, you will get yourself an Antique Coin, Steroids, and Ammo.

Go to the Storage Area 1F. Remove the bomb from Chris and defeat the boss. Then enter the Blue Shutter and unlock the Clown Door to find the Stabilizer. As it is obvious, you will need a Clown Key.

That is all we have for our Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero Collectibles Locations Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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