Resident Evil 4 Treasure Combinations Guide

One of the critical aspects of the Resident Evil 4 is treasure combinations, where you can find and combine gems with treasure to sell for ...

One of the critical aspects of the Resident Evil 4 is treasure combinations, where you can find and combine gems with treasure to sell for an additional amount of money. These Resident Evil 4 treasure combinations can help you make a lot of money in RE4.

In this guide, we will explore Resident Evil 4 treasure combinations and provide tips on how to make the most profit from your findings. However, before we get started, let us look at the treasure-hunting basics in RE4 Remake.

Finding treasures and gems

You will find various treasures in the play, including gems, antique pieces, and other valuable items. These treasures can be found in multiple locations, including enemies, destructible objects, and secret areas. Some of them are hidden in plain sight, while others require a bit of exploration and puzzle-solving to uncover.

Finding the location of treasures is easy as you can see a Treasure Icon on the map indicating its exact location. Go there and receive the sweet reward for selling it later in RE 4.

How to combine treasures in Resident Evil 4

After finding the treasures, now it’s to combine them with Gemstones to make good money. To do that, you must visit the merchant, a recurring character who appears throughout the game. The merchant offers various services, including upgrading weapons and selling treasures.

Combining Treasures in Resident Evil 4 is a pretty easy task. You just have to select the treasure, and after that, the Inlay Gemstones option will appear on the screen. Select it and combine the Gemstones with treasures to increase their worth.

All treasure combinations in Resident Evil 4

Now that you understand the basics of treasure hunting and combining let us head to some of the most valuable Resident Evil 4 treasure combinations.

The merchant pays more for the treasures if they are inlaid with the right gemstones. The value of these treasures is even multiplied by using a specific combination of gems.

For instance, you will get an additional 9,000 Pesetas by inlaying a Red square gem in a treasure.

Gem ComboCombo DescriptionMultiplied Bonus Received
Two ColorsTwo gemstones of differing colors.x1.1
DuoTwo gemstones of the same color.x1.2
Three ColorsThree gemstones of differing colors.x1.3
TrioThree gemstones of the same colorx1.4
Two DuosTwo duos.x1.5
Four ColorsFour gemstones of differing colors.x1.6
QuartetFour gemstones of the same color.x1.7
Duo and TrioOne duo and one trio.x1.8
QuintetFive gemstones of the same color.x1.9
Five ColorsFive gemstones of differing colors.x2.0

Combining the gems in a specific manner can also earn you the Astute Appraiser achievement in Resident Evil 4. To unlock this achievement in Resident Evil 4, you must sell a combo worth 100,000 Pesetas. The only way of doing this is by combining the right gemstones with Elegant Crown. You can

  • Use the Duo + Trio (2 circle gemstones of the same color + 3 square gems of the same color). OR
  • Use the Quintet combination (Five gemstones of the same color) OR
  • Use Five Color combination (Five gems of differing colors)

Tips for maximizing profit

Now that you know some of the most valuable treasure combinations, here are some tips for maximizing your profit:

  • Combine treasures before selling them to the merchant to increase their value.
  • Do not be shy to experiment with combinations to find the most valuable ones.
  • Prioritize finding treasures in areas you have explored, as they may be more valuable than those in new locations.
  • Sell duplicates of treasures you do not plan to combine to free up inventory space.
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