Resident Evil 4 Mausoleum Lantern Puzzle Guide

One of the new puzzles added in Resident Evil 4 Remake is the Mausoleum Lantern puzzle. The puzzle is found when you are playing as...

No matter what generation it is, every Resident Evil game will indeed have several puzzles. One of the new puzzles added in Resident Evil 4 is the Mausoleum Lantern puzzle. The puzzle is found when you are playing as Ashley, so completing the puzzle can be a bit confusing as you don’t only have to figure it all out but also avoid the enemies after you.

But you don’t have to worry; we are here to help you solve the Resident Evil 4 Mausoleum Lantern Puzzle and figure out how to place the moon lanterns.

Resident Evil 4 Mausoleum Lantern puzzle

Mausoleum Lantern Puzzle location map in RE4 Remake

The moon lantern puzzle starts when you enter the Mausoleum. Here, you see a dark hallway riddled with armor. In this hall, you can find four chains in all the corners you must pull to ring the bells in RE4. These will also light up the hall and unlock the gate at the other end, leading to the moon lantern puzzle.

Once you start ringing the bells, the armorers here will come to life and start attacking you. So you must be fast to avoid their attacks and move forward toward solving the puzzle.

As soon as you open the door, run away and follow the hallway that leads to the actual central part of the puzzle, where you get the Salazar Family Insignia.

How to solve the Moon Lantern Puzzle

When you get to the end of the hallway, you will find a small dome with three pedestals around it. On two of these, you can find the lanterns. For this RE4 remake puzzle, you must put the correct moon lanterns on the correct pedestal so that their light corresponds to the shape in front of the pedestal.

You already have the Full Moon Lantern when entering the Mausoleum. Put this lantern on the pedestal exactly behind the dome. Here, you get the “Crescent Moon” lantern.

Now you need to take the Crescent lantern to the right side of the dome and place it where the star lantern is in RE4 Remake. The lanterns need to go on the last pedestal on the left of the full moon pedestal.

Once you correctly place all three lanterns, you will unlock the dome containing the Salazar Family Insignia. Leave your lanterns here and get the insignia. You can pick up the lanterns once you are done with the puzzle reward. Collecting the Salazar Family Insignia concludes the Mausoleum Lantern Puzzle in Resident Evil 4.

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