Resident Evil 4 Best Guns And Which To Upgrade First

You can inflict maximum damage on your enemies in the Resident Evil 4 if you know about the best guns and how to upgrade...

You can inflict maximum damage on your enemies in Resident Evil 4 if you know about the best guns and how to upgrade them. All the weapons in RE4 are upgradable if you have the required currency. Follow this guide to know the Resident Evil 4 best gun choices and which weapon you should upgrade immediately.

Resident Evil 4 best guns

RE4 features a massive arsenal of weapons. While you can get most of them through regular play, either as loot or buying from a merchant, the game also has some secret weapons. These Resident Evil 4 secret weapons are a must-have as these are some of the best guns in the game.

Below we have compiled a list of which guns in RE4 we think are the best and you should focus on getting and using these.

SG-09 Pistol

The SG-09 proves to be of great help in different circumstances. It has very firm stats and is the most common weapon choice at the start of the game. In addition, its upgrades in RE4 Remake are not too expensive.

It is best used when you need a weapon for near to mid-range proximity. However, there’s one shortcoming of this Pistol, which is its slow firing rate, making it excellent for mid-range attacks.


We can rank Red9 as the best handgun in RE4 Remake. You just need to have enough space for Red9 in your arsenal. The Red9 is an immensely powerful handgun. This handgun’s accuracy has declined compared to the original version of the game as the remake has removed the red dot aim from all the weapons.

However, its accuracy can be brought back to the mark by a joinable stock. You need to be very careful with Red9 as it causes significant damage.

Striker Shotgun

It is the weapon of choice in Chapter 10. It causes immense damage, and no other shotgun can beat the damage caused by it in Resident Evil 4. This high-powered weapon can altogether abolish anything that comes its way. You can increase its efficiency with a few upgrades.

CQBR Assault Rifle

You must acquire the CQBR Assault Rifle in Chapter 10. It is a new addition to Resident Evil 4 Remake. CQBR Assault rifle enjoys the position of being the only automatic rifle in RE4. It has a beautiful design and a handsome reload speed. You can boost its efficiency by adding more reload speed and ammo upgrades.


If you want to attain an SMG in RE4, your choice of weapon should be the TMP. It’s mainly helpful to fight with some weak opponents as it has less accuracy, and the damage caused by it is also not significant. After you upgrade it, its power enhances, but that can cost you a lot.

Killer 7

Killer 7 is found late in the game, i.e., in the last chapters of Resident Evil 4. It requires very few upgrades to function as the best Magnum in RE4. Its firepower is about 25.0. It has substantial aiming power and helps you in quick targeting.

Its firepower becomes around 35.0 when you fully upgrade it. Its reload speed also increases up to 0.93. Killer 7 is a weapon of choice when you are fighting against some strong opponents and the mini-bosses.

Best weapon to upgrade first

When you have upgraded the SG-09 entirely at the merchant’s shop, it comes in handy, and many players consider it a weapon to upgrade immediately in the gameplay. Its ability to stun opponents can benefit you by helping you resist melee attacks and conserve ammo. It is used throughout the Resident Evil 4.

Therefore, it needs to be upgraded as early as possible. This early upgrade will prove beneficial for the player.

Max out the Power

To boost the damage your weapon produces, you must maximize the power first. This will help you to reload and also conserve your bullets quickly.

Level up Reload speed

It is appreciable to boost the Reload Speed Stat once before upgrading the power stat.

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