Rainbow Six Siege DLC Roadmap for This Year Revealed

The Rainbow Six Siege DLC roadmap for year 1 has been revealed. Featuring locations in USA, Brazil and Japan, including Operatives from these regions.

Ubisoft have been busy with their Investor’s Day announcements, especially around Assassin’s Creed. They also revealed the Rainbow Six Siege DLC roadmap for the first year (2016).

Looking at the content map the first “season one” pack is Operation Black Ice, the one we’ve already seen. Season 2 features an American map and will be released “Q2 2016”, though no details on the content have yet to be revealed.

While we wait for Season Two, Season Three and Season Four have also been teased. These will come in the second half of the year (Q3, and Q4) and will be set in Brazil and Japan. Each release will be around three months apart and will feature special forces from each of these regions.

Looking at Operation Black Ice as the basis of what to expect in the DLC we know we’ll get new characters known as Operators to select as well as a new map. In game currency (Renown) will be used to unlock the characters.

For those who want to get instant access to the Operators, the Season Pass gives them this ability. It is fair to say though that the amount of time people are putting into the game, they will probably have enough Renown by the time the packs release to be able to unlock the Operators.


There is no exact date yet for the DLC releases, so we’ll have to wait until closer to their release. Fans of Six Siege obviously have plenty to look forward to, especially with this being Year 1. If the game stays a success maybe, we’ll get some hints as to what will come next year.

What are your thoughts on the Rainbow Six Siege DLC roadmap? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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