Quantum Break Graphics Comparison: E3 2013 vs Final Game

By now we are use to seeing downgrades in video games and we know early versions of the game having amazing graphics don’t really represent the final build. Watch Dogs was a huge disappointment in this regard so now we know better.

However, Remedy has pulled it off with Quantum Break.

Other than some minor lighting, tint changes the E3 2013 demo and the final game are pretty similar but still very different (in a good way). In fact, the final game looks more realistic compared to what Remedy showed us at E3 2013 onwards. Surely, some sacrifices were made but Quantum Break isn’t a game that is going to be criticised for a downgrade.

Quantum Break is hitting shelves on April 5 for Xbox One and PC. The reviews for the game are out now and although it isn’t getting shining scores, Quantum Break is still considered a decent game.

Remedy’s game is an artistically distinct title but it isn’t without its flaws. It comes with a completing story and exceptional performance from its cast. However, the story, gameplay, and time twisting powers become stale after a while.

Once they do, you’re just going with the flow, waiting for it to come to an end.

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