Quantum Break Cross Play Confirmed by Xbox

Now that the game is coming to Xbox One and PC, Quantum Break cross play has now also been confirmed. Hopefully this news will be better received.

Now that we know that the game will be released on Xbox One and PC the question is will there be Quantum Break cross play? The answer to this appears to be yes.

This appears to have been confirmed by Xbox’s Major Nelson on Twitter:

Add to this the fact that people who have pre-ordered the game on Xbox One will get a free version of the game for PC, this only adds to good news surrounding the release. It now seems that Quantum Break has suddenly become a lot more interesting than it has in the past.

While some people aren’t happy with the news that the game is releasing on PC too, the Quantum Break cross play news has to come as a more positive announcement from Xbox. If more cross-play “exclusives” are revealed by Microsoft then this opens up a lot of potential between the Xbox One and the PC.

We’ll have to see just how well this cross-play functionality works between PC and Xbox One, and how the two versions differ. Will the PC version improve on the graphics of the console? There is a possibility that the two versions are made to look the same. We’ll have to wait and see what the PC version will look like.

What are your thoughts on the Quantum Break cross play? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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