Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt Walkthrough

In this Psychonauts 2 walkthrough, we’ll list the locations of all these Scavenger Hunt items so that you can complete it with ease!

Scavenger Hunt is an optional quest you can complete in Psychonauts 2. In this, you have to collect a list of Psychonaut items for Norma so that Raz can have his old clothes back. In this Psychonauts 2 walkthrough, we’ll list the locations of all these Scavenger Hunt items so that you can complete the quest with ease!

Psychonauts 2 Scavenger Hunt

So, let’s start with all the items you can collect in all four Physical Hubs. Do keep in mind that you have to have made a certain amount of progress to later stages of the story to be able to find all the hidden items. Moreover, to submit the complete list of items you actually have to finish the game first.

Let’s start with all the Scavenger Hunt items that you can find in the Motherlobe area.

Motherlobe Scavenger Hunt

You will find a total of five items in the Motherlobe area which are given below.

Day Old Sushi

Right after the start of the mission, you will find the Day Old Sushi in the Noodle Bar on a buffet table. It’s the one all the way to the left on the bar

Enemy Surveillance Device

For this item, you have to go to the Artifact Storage room. You will need the Astral Protection ability for this since it is behind the door which can be accessed using Astral protection Ability. You’ll find it on top of some large boxes.

Psychonaut Name Plaque

In the Motherlobe you will find this nameplate of Coach Oleander’s office next to Milla and Shasha’s office. It’ll say Senior Officer Oleander on the plaque.

Deck of Cards

In the Motherlobe area, go to Astral Lane ball return and use Telekinesis to start bowling. After bowling three frames in a bowling lane, the cards will pop out of the ball return machine.

Astronaut Ice Cream

In the Motherlobe area, go to the Nerve Center and find the computer which is showing more of the green light. Interact with this and another screen on a different computer will light up.

Interact with this computer as well and repeat this process until the screen on the wall below the painting will light up. Once that screen lights up head forward and interact with it to collect the ice cream.

Quarry Scavenger Hunt

You will find a total of three items in the Quarry area which are given below.

Agent Orientation Laserdisc

To collect this item in the Quarry area, you will need the Levitation power. Go to Otto’s Lab and head towards the electric floors behind the Otto-Mattic you will find this item.

Unexploded Bomb

For this, you have to light up the bonfire just outside the doorway of an abandoned mine. After that, you will get access to a plank that is hanging with the crane. It will require Pyrokinesis.

Psitanium Knife

In the Quarry, area head to the cave with the purple flowers close to Lili’s garden and you will find this item there.

Questionable Area Scavenger Hunt

You will find a total of four items in the Questionable area which are given below.

Human Skull

In the Questionable area, you will find this item close to the Forgotten Forest at the top of Funicular.

Novelty Mug

For this, you will also need the Astral Projection ability since it is locked behind a door. You can find it inside the “Lumberjack Diner” closet on a shelf.

Can of Corn

In the Questionable area head inside the cave of Sassciops and light up the bonfire using the Pyrokinesis ability. After that, you have to levitate over the updraft so you can find the item on the edge of a rock.

Switchblade Hatchet

In the Questionable area use the Time Bubble and go to the top of the watermill and slow the wheel of the mill. This will allow you to jump on it and ride upward. You will collect this item in that way.

Green Needle Gulch Scavenger Hunt

You will find a total of four items in the Green Needle Gulch area which are given below.

Mini Murder Bug Bot

You will find this collectible on the walkway at the top of Nona’s house which can be accessed through the balcony in her room.

Beehive Shaped Like My Phone

You will find the item next to the honey on an edge on the ground just behind Cassie’s house.

Viking Helmet

This item is very easy to find. You will find this right behind Helmut’s van in the Green Needle Gulch Area.

Signed Copy of Mindswarm

Once the Cassie level is completed go to Boole’s menagerie and talk with her. After that Raz will ask her to sign his copy of Mindswarn and you will collect this item as well.

Getting Raz’s Old Clothes Costume

After collecting all the 16 Scavenger Hunt items a pop will appear on the screen and asked you to return the items to Norma.

Now you have to go back to the Intern Wing and head to Norma. She is standing next to the lockers. After a short conversation, you will get your old clothes and that quest will be completed.

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