Psychonauts 2 Bob’s Bottles Walkthrough

In Psychonauts 2, Bob’s Bottles is a story mission that can be started by heading to the Greenhouse on top of a hill in Bob’s Bottles area. In this guide, we have the complete Bob’s Bottles walkthrough for you in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 Bob’s Bottles

Once you reach and enter the Greenhouse, a cutscene will play in which you will find Bob staying at the Greenhouse. After a short conversation, choose the option to head inside his mind, where you will then regain control.

Find Bob’s Seed

Inside Bob’s mind, again go and talk to him, after which you will have to go out to the waters to find seeds for Bob.

Head to the first Island and get off on it and then enter the pink tube. It will take you another set of Bob’s memories. Head out to the other side to find a door, where you will see a Seed, but it will be taken away by a moth.

Keep moving forward until you finally catch up with the Moth.  The Moth will throw the seed down, and when you drop down to get it, it will bring out one of Bob’s Bad Moods.

Defeat the Bad Mood

You will now have to defeat the Bad Mood in order to get the seed. Use Clairvoyance to find the root of the Bad Mood and eliminate it to defeat the Bad Mood. After that, the hole where the seed was dropped by the Moth will open.

Dropping down will take you to an area with many plants and another set of Bob’s memories.

Here, you will recover the seed with the help of Bob’s vine. Eventually, a cutscene will start in which you return to Bob on the small Island.

Raz will then set off to find more seeds for Bob. Once on the door, head to the right side to find another island with a giant bottle on it.

Get off on this Island and then pop the cork off the bottle to enter another mysterious area, having another seed.

Recover the Second Seed

After the cutscene ends and you get the Bulb Bob out of the hanging bottle, carry him to make way to the seed. When you get to the seed, the Moth will once again take it and take off.

Follow the Moth again, but this time, you will face off against different enemies as well. So, make sure that you are ready for combat.

After you deal with the enemies, the Moth will appear without the seed, claiming that she threw it away in the river. Pick up the Bulb Bob and head to the river to recover the seed.

Keep moving forward on the different kinds of paths until you reach the Boss’ office to recover the seed. Take the seed back to Bob and plant it in the dirt.

Find the Third Seed

Raz will then tell Bob that he is off to find more seeds. Once the cutscene ends, head to the left side, this time around, to find the Island with a giant blue bottle.

Open the cork and then enter it another area. The seed will be right in front of you, but again, the Moth will take it away.

Like before, follow the Moth, dealing with the different challenges you face on the way.

In a cutscene, you will see the Moth trying to hide the seed in the giant wedding cake. After the different cutscene, use the climbing poles to reach the top of the cake and enter it.

Inside the cake, you will find the third seed. Take it and return it to Bob at the Island.

Defeat Truheltia Memonstria

Once you plant the third seed, all three seeds will grow into giant Monsters and the boss fight against Truheltia Memonstria will begin.

Now you will have to deal with the whirlpool as well as the three monsters. Use your different abilities to damage the boss.

During the fight, Bob’s bad mood will also appear while the boss fight. Deal it with the same way you did earlier.

Once the boss fight ends, you will get out of Bob’s mind and back to the Greenhouse. The mission will end after a cutscene.

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