PSN Error NP-37680-4 Plagues United States, Reports Coming in From EU and AUS As Well (Update)

Update: It’s happening worldwide and reports say that a portion of the servers are causing issues. According to a PSN user, PlayStation Support told him that it could that up to 7-10 days before it is fixed:

been told that the “engineers” are looking at it, they told me it is a 48 hour response rate and can take 7-10 days for a fix haha. good way to spend my day off. I also told them that this is happening around the world and that a lot of people are getting no help or information the guy said its outside his paygrade. Also, we shouldn’t have to play around with our bloody router settings just to play a game.

Original Story: PSN users are reporting that they can’t sign-in from their PlayStation 4 due to error NP-37680-4. The issue seems to be affecting users across the United States the most (Texas, North Dakota, Indiana, California etc).

Sony and PlayStation Support are yet to provide a fix for the problem, but some PSN users say that opening your router ports help. Sadly, this only helped a few as the majority is still having problems.

United States is hit the hardest but a few users in EU and AUS are having the same error NP-37680-4. There is already an 84 page thread on PlayStation Forum, but no reply from Sony’s side.

On the other hand, PSN Status page says all is good, which kind of puts a question mark on its credibility.

Are you having the same problem on your side? If so, let us know which region are you from in the comments.

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