Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Is Less About Gaming, More About Mastering

Adam Bhatti, the global product and brand manager for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, has some fairly unique views on what he thinks that the game is about. Pro Evolution Soccer is the closest thing the FIFA series has to a rival, and will be releasing a game of its own this year.

According to Bhatti, he doesn’t think that the game is the sort of game where you can pick up the controller and have the game down within seconds. He believes that it’s a game that’s about being mastered, of finding the balance between attack and defense, and that true football fans that want to see a good soccer game again will welcome it.

Of course, that depends on how well it does. As good as Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 might be, FIFA 18 has it beaten in a number of ways; looking better, having more content and more teams, and also not having the negative public opinion that Konami does; even if it’s not Metal Gear or Kojima related, Konami’s 2015 meltdown cost it a lot of fans, many of whom may pick FIFA over what they see as one of the more “evil” video game companies.

All the same, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is going to be the best sort of effort that Konami can put forward, even with various other teams picking EA Sports and going to them for various exclusivity deals. If Adam Bhatti actually turns out to be right and it’s the sort of game that’s difficult enough to master that it’ll draw in fans of the older sorts of soccer games, more power to them.

Hopefully, even with what seems like less content than the upcoming FIFA 18, PES 2018 will be able to experience some success.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 will be releasing on September 12, and will be coming to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, along with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.