Pokemon Live Action Movie Coming to Hollywood

That`s right Pokemon company is meeting with Hollywood studios, according to Hollywood reporter, for a deal to make a Pokemon live action movie.

Fans of the Pokemon games, animated movies and cartoon series will be filled with joy after learning that the beloved pocket monsters will soon appear on big screen.

Yes, that`s right!

Pokemon company is meeting with the different Hollywood studios, according to Hollywood reporter, to make a deal for Pokemon live action movie.

The studios trying to secure the deal include Warner Bros, Sony and Legendary Entertainment. The report suggests that Legendary Entertainment might beat Warner Bros for the rights of Pokemon live action movie.

Toho Company which owns the rights to the Pokemon franchise has previously collaborated with Warner Bros for Godzilla and Warner Bros has been pursuing the rights for Pokemon movie for a long time. Warner Bros released a Pokemon animated movie back in 1999.

As mentioned in the report, Legendary Entertainment might be securing the deal for Pokemon live action movie, but there could be some sort of controversy regarding the collaboration of the two studios.

Legendary is owned by a Chinese Dalian Wanda Group and for three years, Japanese movies were banned in china due to political differences of the two countries.

The ban on the Japanese movies was recently lifted. Legendary Entertainment made its way in Japanese movie industry by collaborating with Toho company for Godzilla along with Warner Bros.

Yesterday, a new trailer for Pokemon`s animated movie was released which has got fans excited.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is in development with fans eagerly awaiting next month`s issue of Coro Coro magazine which will reveal first details about the game.

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