PlayStation VR: Sony is Aiming for “At Least 90 FPS” Rendering

What do you think the virtual reality headset manufacturers are aiming for when it comes to the frame rates? What would they require the developers to maintain as the standard? Well, Sony just answered that as far as the PlayStation VR is concerned.

A Technical Account Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and America, Vernon Harmon was recently attending the Montreal International Game Summit 2015.

During the presentation – as shared in a video here – Sony highlighted the importance of frame rates especially in the case of virtual reality and revealed what they are considering to be the standard for PlayStation VR.

First point that they raised was that “mostly 60 FPS is not good enough.” This was followed by another that read “solid 60 FPS is a minimum” and continued that “any dropped frames can cause discomfort, not just disruption of presence.”

Last but not the least, the presentation slides read that “rendering at 60 FPS may cause discomfort” and that the developers should “try to reach at least 90 FPS!”

As you would have figured out, Sony is giving extremely high importance to this since the top of the slide reads “going fast is not optional.”

On the flipside, developers have had a hard time churning out 60 FPS for a while now so we can assume it is going to be really hard, not to mention time-taking for them to achieve these targets for the PlayStation VR.

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