Playstation Believe the Uncharted Collection will Help Sell Consoles at Christmas

With Christmas coming and Uncharted 4 not coming until 2016, can the Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection help sell consoles over the festive period?

When it was announced that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was delayed until 2016 there was obvious disappointment. It was accepted though that for the game to be of the quality we expect, the delay had to happen.

What this means in terms of sales though, especially towards Christmas is what game can Sony use to sell the Playstation 4 at Christmas? Based on an interview with Playstation UK product manager John Palmer that the Nathan Drake: The Uncharted Collection has the power to sell the console:

“It certainly has the power to be a system seller this Christmas,” Palmer says. “It offers fantastic value as a gifting proposition, giving newcomers the chance to pick up a PlayStation 4 with three great games at a very competitive price. PlayStation’s audience base has also changed significantly since the original Uncharted games were released, so there’s a huge number of gamers looking to buy a PS4 who may never have played these games before.

“We aim to appeal to several audiences; the fans who want to play through the series again in all its’ remastered glory; the action-adventure fans who are new to-PlayStation; previous-generation players who are considering an upgrade to PS4.”

The confidence in the collection may come down to the success of The Last of Us:

“The response and commercial success of the PlayStation 4 remaster of Naughty Dog’s other opus, The Last Of Us really showed that there is an appetite for these titles on the new consoles”

Do you think that Nathan Drake: The Uncharted Collection will sell PlayStation 4 consoles this Christmas even if it is made up of HD remasters? Let us know your thoughts below.

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