What PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Single Player Mode Will Look Like

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds single player mode is being considered by the developers. It was always at the back of their minds and it is a part of their long-term plan. However, working on the PC multiplayer as well as developing a console version takes priority over the single player mode.

Battlegrounds single player mode, if it happens, could be set in the 70’s. It would be similar to Watch Dogs, according to Brendan “PLAYERUNKNOWN” Greene, the lore is important and since there is not much lore in Battlegrounds, they considered doing something with the Russian army base on the Island.

The player will fight to take one area at a time from the army. You can play with 3 or 4 players and join hands to free the island.

Originally I thought, because we have this Russian island and there’s evidence of a military occupation there, it’d be fun to have a Watch Dogs kind of game based on the island. Where it’s a bustling island with military occupation and you and five or four friends can play a single kind of multiplayer campaign set in the ’70s.

I thought that would be a cool era to set something kind of like Watch Dogs. Well, not Watch Dogs, but where you set out to capture each town on the island and take over the island from the military occupation. That was my concept of it…. no plans for it yet, [but] that’s my big dream

For now, developers are focused on improving the multiplayer on PC by adding new features and fixing issues. But sooner or later, we might see a Battlegrounds single player mode.

What do you think should be the lore of Battlegrounds? How will you develop its single player story?

Source: GameInformer

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