Outriders Best Devastator Builds Guide

In this Outriders Best Devastator Builds guide, we’ll be walking you through the best builds for the Devastator class in Outriders, which includes a breakdown of the class skills, best armor mods and weapons.

Outriders Best Devastator Builds

The Devastator is one of the strongest classes in Outriders. The Devastator is an extremely tanky class that controls earthen abilities.

This class has some insane defensive abilities, but it also comes with some surprisingly good offensive abilities as well. This makes the Devastator a really powerful and balanced class, and it can be made into an unstoppable force if you create the right build for it.

To help you out with that, we’ll be walking you through the best builds for the Devastator class in this guide.

But before we do that, let’s take a look at the eight skills this class comes with and the skill tree so you can have a better understanding of the builds.

Devastator Skills

  • Boulderdash: The Devastator charges straight ahead, interrupting all hostiles in his path and inflicting damage on them. At the end of this move, you smash the ground and deal AoE damage.
  • Earthquake: Releases a shockwave that inflicts 85 damage on the affected targets and interrupts all enemies in front of the Devastator.
  • Endless Mass: Encloses the target in stone, dealing Bleed damage. This move also pulls other enemies that are present within a certain radius towards the stone. The stone then explodes, dealing damage to all of them.
  • Golem: Increases the Devastator’s damage resistance by 65% for 8 seconds.
  • Gravity Leap: The Devastator jumps into the air and stays airborne for a few seconds. While airborne, the Devastator can target a hostile and recast the skill to slam down on them, inflicting AoE Seismic damage and interrupting all enemies within a certain radius.
  • Impale: Interrupts the target’s skills and inflicts bleed on them. The target then gets impaled if the damage is lethal, making a zone for the Devastator, which grants an HP and armor regen bonus to all allies present within its range for nine seconds.
  • Reflect Bullets: Spawns a barrier that protects the Devastator from all enemy projectiles and absorbs all incoming damage. After 10 seconds, the damage absorbed by the shield is reflected back to the enemies in front.
  • Tremor: Sets off a series of explosions near the Devastator, which deal damage and drains the health of the hostiles that are present within its range.

Devastator Skill Tree

The Devastator class’s skill tree is divided into three sections: Vanquisher, Warden and Seismic Shifter.

  • The Vanquisher section is focused on increasing your weapon damage, accuracy and reload speed.
  • The Warden is more defense-based, focusing mostly on your health and armor regeneration.
  • The Seismic Shifter section allows you to strengthen your Anomaly Power and makes you more resistant to negative status effects.

Below are some of the best builds to use with the Devastator class in the beginner, mid and end game of Outriders.

Beginner Build

This build is made for beginner Devastator players who’ve yet to acquire Boulderdash and Endless mass. You should go for this build if you’re around level 16.

Since you haven’t progressed much, you’ll only have access to the following skills.

  • Earthquake
  • Gravity Leap
  • Golem

These skills are still nothing to scoff at. Earthquake and Gravity Leap will increase your damage output significantly, while Golem will balance this build out by increasing your defense.

Class Points

  • Havoc: This skill will increase your damage by 8%.
  • Colossus: This skill will increase your max HP by 10%.
  • Paladin: This skill will give you a 45% increase to your Anomaly Power if you use a Protection skill. This will increase your damage output significantly.
  • Anomaly Bullets: This skill will further increase your Anomaly Power by 15%, allowing you to stack your Anomaly Power without having to care much about the strength of your weapons.

Below we will list down some mods that are essential for this build so make sure you find and equip them in your gear by talking to Zahedi.

Perseverance: This mod increases the duration of the Golem skill by 50%.

Upper Armor
Golem of Death: For each enemy killed, this mod increases the duration of the Golem skill by 1.5 seconds.

Lower Armor:
Armor Boost: For each target affected by the Earthquake skill, this mod gives you bonus armor for 10 seconds.

Ground Crush: Increases the base damage of the Earthquake skill by 65.

Life Absorption: This skill makes you heal 100% of the damage you deal. If the target you dealt damage to dies, you’ll heal 200% of the damage you dealt. With this skill, you’ll pretty much be at full HP whenever you start an encounter.

Weapon Mods
For the weapon mods, you just need to find the mods that gives your weapon a raw increase to its damage output.

The following weapon mods are great options for a beginner build:

  • Anomaly Surge
  • Fireworks
  • Hot Blood
  • Ricochet
  • Vulnerability Bullets

When it comes to the weapon for this build, you need to get yourself a submachine gun that has a high fire rate and decent damage output, like The Grim Marrow or Migraine.

When you’re getting up close and personal with enemies, you should have a shotgun ready to go. The Rusty Markson ZALT or the Rusty Markson Z-EE are the best shotguns that you can find early on.

Mid-Game Build

This mid-game build will utilize the Reflect Bullets skill to increase your damage output as much as possible. It’s mainly focused on making your offense as strong as it can get.

For this build, you need to use the following skills.

  • Reflect Bullets
  • Gravity Leap
  • Earthquake

Reflect Bullets is the heart and soul of this build. Most of your damage will be coming from this skill, but the other two skills are also very important for this build. They will further increase your damage output.

Class Points

  • Earth’s Heritage: This skill will give a 50% damage boost to your Earthquake move.
  • Blood Donation and Bloodbath: These skills will make your bleeds up to 60% stronger, and they’ll allow you to heal for 35% of the damage you deal from these heals.
  • Outrider Commander: This skill will give you 6% Skill Leech, 20% bonus HP and extra health regeneration.
  • Extra Quake and Blood Shock: These skills will complement your Earthquake move, giving you two charges for it and making it inflict Bleed.

The best armor set to use for this build is the Seismic Commander armor set as it gives you a lot of bonuses for your Earthquake skill.

The Strongest First: When you reflect bullets, the target with the highest HP threshold will take 50% extra damage.

Upper Armor
Blood Primer: All of the reflected bullets inflict bleed to the targets.

Lower Armor
Auto Reflect: This mod allows you to engage in combat while the Reflect Bullets skill is active. However, you won’t be able to deactivate the skill yourself, and it’ll only negate 50% of the damage.

Bullet Acceleration: Increase the damage inflicted by the reflected bullets by 306.

Extra Time: Increase the duration of the Reflected Bullets skill by 20%.

Weapon Mods
The best weapon mods to use for this build are:

  • Ravenous Locust
  • Shadow Comet
  • Ultimate Anomaly Surge
  • Wrath of Moloch

An SMG and shotgun also work perfectly with this build. You can continue using the Grim Marrow/Migraine and Rusty Markson ZALT/Rusty Markson Z-EE combo and you’ll be just fine.

End-Game Build

This build is made for end-game players who have all the weapons, gear, skills and mods available and are looking to create the most OP Devastator build possible.

This build focuses on giving you as much armor as it possibly can, and then using that armor to increase your damage output. It will also allow you to spam your skills. You’ll be able to use your skills every 2 seconds.

The skills you want to use for this build are:

  • Golem
  • Reflect Bullets
  • Gravity Leap

The Golem skill gives you 65% damage resistance for 12 seconds. The mods you’re going to be using will be significantly increasing the duration of this effect, and they’ll also allow it to inflict bleed on the targets. This will keep you fortified almost all the time while also making you constantly deal bleed damage to enemies.

Reflect Bullets will do more or less the same thing as Golem. You’ll be applying bleeds to the enemies will also being protected from their attacks.

Gravity Leap will work perfectly with Golem as you’ll be able to activate the damage resistance effect of Golem while you’re airborne.

Class Points

  • Colossus: Increases your max HP by 10%.
  • Tank: Increases your armor by 20%.
  • Strong Arm of the Anomaly: After using Class Melee skill, increases Resistance Piercing by 15% for each hit enemy for 10 seconds.
  • Unending Watch: Reduce Protection skills cooldown by 15%.
  • Into the Fray: Increases your damage mitigation by 15% for 10 seconds after your Kinetic skills end.
  • Perpetual Motion: Reduces Kinetic skills Cooldown by 15%.
  • Brawler: Increases your Close Range Weapon Damage by 15%.
  • Shotgun Master: Increases Shotgun Weapon Damage by 15% and Shotgun Weapon drop chance by 12%.
  • Anomaly in Veins: Increases your Health Regeneration by 1% of your Max Health.
  • Outrider Commander: Increases all healing by 20% and shield by 20% for you and your allies.
  • Resist the Mob: Increases resistance by 15% for each enemy in close range.
  • Overlord of the Battleground: Gain additional 10% health for each enemy that died of Close Range.
  • Mighty Tank: Increases firepower and anomaly power by 10% of your armor.

Perseverance: Increases the duration of the Golem skill by 50%.

Upper Armor
Golem of Death: When the Golem skill is active, this mod extends its duration by 1.5 seconds for each enemy killed.

Lower Armor
Auto Reflect: This mod allows you to engage in combat while the Reflect Bullets skill is active. However, you won’t be able to deactivate the skill yourself, and it’ll only negate 50% of the damage.

Bullet Acceleration: Increase the damage inflicted by the reflected bullets by 306.

Bleeding Impulse: When the Golem skill is active, this mod spawns radio impulses that inflict Bleed on enemies within a 6-meter radius with a frequency of 2 seconds.

For this build, you need a specific legendary automatic shotgun called the ‘Deathshield.’ This is because this weapon receives a damage bonus based on your armor. Since you have a ton of armor with this build, this will work perfectly for you.

The mod you want to use for this weapon is the Golem of Death. With this mod, you’ll keep gaining the damage resistance from the Golem skill, which will also increase your damage from this weapon.

For your secondary weapon, you can use any powerful SMG.