Nolan North Says He’s Ready To Suit Up For Uncharted 5

Everyone knows that Uncharted 4, which came out in May earlier this year, was the end of Nathan Drake’s story. Drake had gone on one last job, married the love of his life, gotten a nice house, and in the end, had a daughter. But Nolan North, who voices him, says he’s ready to suit up for Uncharted 5.

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That is, if Sony wants to make one. With the definite conclusion of Drake’s story for Uncharted 4, Nolan has laid out his thoughts on the future of the franchise, which is apparently going to be having a movie made sometime in the future.

Considering that Uncharted was what catapulted Nolan North from just another voice actor to one of the business’s biggest names (to the point where he’s in nearly every game, competing with Troy Baker and even cooperating with him in some places, such as Uncharted 4), you can hardly blame him.

So, he says, if Sony ever decides that they want to make an Uncharted 5, he’s ready to put on the mo-cap suit and stand in front of the microphone again.

One important thing North discussed was the difference that he could do between filming and video games. While in filming you would eventually have to stop because unless the movie calls attention to your age, you’d eventually be too old for a role, for voice acting, North (currently 45 years old) doesn’t have to worry for a while longer.

Naughty Dog is likely moving onto other games at this point, considering that Uncharted 4 was their last outing with Nathan Drake, but while they’re likely going to be moving on to The Last Of Us 2 (if that’s being made) or some other really good game, at least fans can take heart in knowing that Nolan North will be coming back if an Uncharted 5 is ever announced.