Nioh 2 Otakemaru Boss Guide

Nioh 2 Otakemaru is the final boss in the game’s main storyline. You will face him during the “In the Eye of the Beholder” main mission.

Otakemaru is a very dangerous boss and you will have to be very careful while fighting him. In this guide, we will tell you how to defeat Otakemaru.

Nioh 2 Otakemaru Boss

In the final fight, there are multiple phases. In the first phase, Otakemaru will throw his purplish blade at you. This attack is hard to evade but fortunately does not deal that much damage. And using Rejuvenation Talisman during this fight will also make this attack less dangerous.

Otakemaru will also use an attack in which he will run towards you and melee you. Try and time the dodge perfectly to escape this attack.

Another attack which he will use is the Swinging club in which he will swing his giant axe towards you.

The counter to all these attacks is to block them and dodge them by timing your jumps perfectly. When you dodge an attack, he will take a few seconds to recover.

While he is recovering, attack him using your spear. Use different combos to lower his HP while he is standing.

When his health falls below 50%, Otakemaru will power up into a more dangerous form. In this form, he will use more powerful attacks.

In one attack, he will ram his sword on the ground and rush towards you, jumping and exploding near you. If it hits you, it will cause a lot of damage. To dodge this attack, move away just as he is about to land from his jump.

If you successfully dodge, Otakemaru will be stunned for a small time. Use this time to chip in some attacks.

In another attack, he will smash his sword on the ground resulting in either a fire or an electric wave. Move away from the area of this attack to stay safe.

He also has a red charged attack in which he will strike very fast. And if you fail to dodge it correctly, he will follow up with more strikes. In another form of the same attack, he will slam a white sword on the ground.

This is a very dangerous attack which will deal huge damage if it hits you.

At some point in this phase, Otakemaru will turn the area into Dark Realm which will result in slow KI regeneration for you.

When his health falls below 25%, it will begin phase 3. In this phase, he will now have flying weapons which he will use to attack you. During the last phase, he will continue using the old attacks as well as a couple of new ones.

In an attack, he will throw the new flying weapon at you. Dodge it otherwise it will deal you huge damage.

To defeat Otakemaru in Nioh 2, keep moving continuously to dodge his attacks and only attack him after he misses an attack.

Blocking attacks will not be worth it as they cannot be blocked completely in the last phase. Once all his HP is depleted, he will explode and your mission will be completed.

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