Nintendo NX Will Cost $299, Says Michael Patcher

Michael Patcher says that Nintendo NX will cost $299 and a higher price would mean Nintendo won't sell many.

With the new found hype for Nintendo NX and the fact that it could come out next year, people are wondering even more about the console’s price. Michael Patcher, the known industry analyst was asked the same questions.

People were asking what the console would be priced at, and adding things like “if it is really a console/handheld hybrid with industry-leading chips can it be priced less than $400?”

Not only that, questions were also raised at the potential market share it could get since by the time Nintendo NX comes out, the user base of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would be pretty huge. This means a majority of buyers would be either Nintendo enthusiasts or people who like to keep more than one console at a time.

The conversion rate has always been low from one platform to another.

In his reply, he started off by saying that he had “no freaking clue,” but could make some predictions. Firstly, he said that launching Wii U for $349 was a mistake that Nintendo will not repeat with Nintendo NX.

Also since PS4 and Xbox One might also have shed an additional $50 by fall 2016 i.e. when NX is expected to come out, the latter is expected to cost $299; and he concluded:

If Nintendo’s priced above them, and it doesn’t do a lot more than them… they aren’t selling very many.

So tell us do you agree to that expected price of Nintendo NX?

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