Niantic Is Developing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, An Augmented Reality Game

Niantic Studios, the same studio behind the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go, is now making a Harry Potter augmented reality game. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, puts you in the role of a wizard in the world of Harry Potter, letting you wander around and learn magic in the process.

By exploring the real world such as your neighborhood or town or city, you can go on various wizarding adventures, learning a variety of spells, encountering magical creatures, and also meeting familiar characters.

While there isn’t a lot of other information about the game, hopefully it’ll be better than Pokemon Go, with more content. While Pokemon Go experienced wild popularity when it was first released, a lack of other Pokemon, plus dodgy server connections and unsatisfactory mechanics, caused it to fall by the wayside almost as fast as it rocketed to the top.

The Harry Potter universe has a lot of things that can be put into a mobile game, especially since a new Harry Potter film series, the Fantastic Beasts series, has put out its first movie to rousing acclaim. With the possibility of dueling other Wizards, pledging your loyalty to the four Hogwarts Houses, and more, there’s hopefully going to be a lot of stuff you’ll be able to do.

Pokemon Go was able to get a great many people interested in Pokemon again before the release of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, so maybe Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will be able to do something similar to the Harry Potter movies in time for the next Fantastic Beasts movie to be another success.

Hopefully as development on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite continues, we’ll be getting more information about the game, but until then we’ll just have to keep an eye on Niantic and see what all that they have planned for the game.