Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Witch Build, Best Skills

Ni No Kuni: Cross World presents the player with the option to play as different classes, with each one serving a specific playstyle. If you are the guy who wants to make a booming impression then the Witch is for you. This guide will cover the best build for the Witch in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds and everything you need for this build.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Witch Build

In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, Witch is the class with the most destructive potential, but all that power comes at a cost. The cost is to be paid in the form of a fragile body.

The Witch is the official glass cannon of Cross Worlds with AoE attacks obliterating enemies that dare to come close to debuffs that can help the whole team, the witch has got it all.

In this guide, we bring you a build that will help you unlock the true potential of the Witch class.

  • Headgear: Immortal Helmet
  • Armor: Black Knight Amor
  • Gloves: Master Gloves
  • Boots: Flash Shoes
  • Ring: Abyss Crystal
  • Earring: Demon Cube
  • Necklace: Tyrant Scale
  • Familiar: Arachnes, Hog-Goblin, Penguicorn
  • Weapons: Chronos Spear, Decimation Spear, Milky Way Spear
  • Special Skills: Twilight Nova, Frozen Storm, Shadow Disk
  • Gems: Accuracy, Critical Damage
  • Passive Skills: Rapid Pulse, Crush Armor, Exquisite Sense

Since the witches are fragile beings, we need to give them every sort of added protection, thus staying safe from any debuff is important. Immortal Helmet headgear will keep you safe from enemy debuffs.

Extra protection never hurts, literally. The Black Knight Armor will give you the extra layer of protection you need and will also reflect back 10% of the total damage received to the attacker.

The master gloves will give you a 7.5% damage buff when your total HP is above 80%. Since our build is fully focused on DPS, these gloves will be the best choice for this build.

The Flash Shoes will give you a speed buff and since the witches are weaklings, thus they need to be constantly on the move to avoid enemy attacks. These shoes are a good pair with the Last Shadow ability.

Arachnes, Hog-Goblin, and Penguicorn are one of the most lethal combinations for this kind of build that focuses on DPS. If you plan to get darkness special items, this is the combination for you.

Abyss Crystal will give you 100% of attack as water damage per hit. Demon’s Cube will give the player a 10% extra chance of dealing 200% attack as fire damage to a nearby enemy. Finally, the Tyrant Scale will have a 5% extra chance of creating a shield to nullify attacks when attacked.

If you want to create the best combo for a darkness-type build, Chronos Spear, Decimation Spear, and Milky Way Spear is the best combination and will give you the best damage per attack.

Twilight Nova will work best with the witch’s passive ability, last shadow. Frozen Storm is one of the best water element skills and deals massive amounts of damage. Shadow Disk ability followed by the deadly spike ability will bring the enemy down to its knees.

Rapid Pulse, Crush Armor, and Exquisite Sense will be the best combination for a full DPS build and with each ability serving its purpose.

Accuracy and Critical Damage will be the buffs you need to go for due to the fragile nature of the witch, you will need to focus on hitting the enemy first rather than dealing critical damage.

Best Skills for Witch in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

Special Skills

  • Twilight Nova
  • Breaking Wave
  • Frozen Storm
  • Shadow Disk


  • Rapid Pulse
  • Crush Armor
  • Exquisite Sense

Twilight Nova is the overall best for the witch since it has a great DPS and works best in combination with a lot of the other skills, both passive and special.

Breaking Wave gives you great stunning ability and after you have stunned the enemy, you can just start launching deadly attacks and it works best in combination with the Frozen Storm ability.

Finally, Shadow Disk will fill the void of having a dark ability and it works great in combination with a deadly spike to deliver maximum damage.

The witch is DPS glass cannon and it’s very important to choose passive skills that will increase the overall DPS of the build thus Rapid Pulse, Crush Armor, and Exquisite Sense will be the best combination for all sorts of builds.

Best Equipment for Witch in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

  • Immortal Helmet
  • Founders Crown
  • Black Knight Armor
  • Celestial Armor
  • Master Gloves
  • Flash Shoes

Immortal Helmet will help you stay safe from the enemy debuff and will protect the fragile body of the witch. Founder’s Crown is a good substitute if you don’t have the Immortal Helmet.

Black Knight Armor and the Celestial Armor are two of the best choices for witch’s armor. Black Knight is the overall best choice and gives amazing protection and if you want higher HP you can go with the latter.

Master Gloves give the player a beefed-up skilled activating ability and the user can constantly activate skills with a focus on DPS. Flash Shoes increase the overall speed of the character and is great for evading attacks.

 Best Familiars for Witch in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

  • Arachnes
  • Hog-Goblin
  • Penguicorn

Hob-Goblin will greatly increase the chance of inflicting critical damage since their passive ability will reduce the chances of endurance against critical hits.

Arachnes is one of the top-tier familiar in the game and the real star of the show is its Pierce ability which will not only deal tons of damage but also absorb 5% HP on every successful hit.

Penguicorn is called the humble servant that will help you in any sort of situation.

Best Gems for Witch in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

  • Accuracy
  • Critical Damage

Accuracy should be the main focus when you are playing as a witch, even more than a critical hit because if you hit your shots, then you have higher chance of surviving with a weak body. The Accuracy-Critical build is the way to go while playing as a witch.

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