New PUBG Map is Well-Designed, Fast, But a Camper’s Heaven

PUBG map is great and well designed by PlayerUnknown's team. However, the map needs to do something about its camper issue.

Currently, a new PUBG map is being tested by Bluehole. It is the smallest PUBG map, 4×4 but it is a very well-designed and balanced map. Loot spawn rate is increased so you won’t have to go from area to area looking for decent loot.

At first, it seems that it may not be able to properly accommodate 100 players but that actually comes as a very refreshing change. Matches last from 10 to 15 minutes due to the small size of the map; it allows players to engage with others quickly – fight or die instead of roaming for countless minutes on a desert Island like Miramar.

But due to the smaller size and more combat encounters, most players feel comfortable staying indoors and camp. Camping was a problem in the 7 games I played last night but the situation is expected to improve once Duo and Squad options are opened up. As for now, the map can only be tested in Solo mode.

In Solo mode at least, the Bluezone should mode faster to push out players so cutting the clock would help matters. However, a fast-paced PUBG match isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Solo, TPP, and FPP, are the only modes available in the new PUBG map. It is a Hawaiian Island setting which is in very early stages of development. It is not the current build being tested at Bluehole which odd considering the latest build must be much better compared to what’s offered to the players.

Provide your feedback at the official website to let developers know what kind of features and improvements would you like to see in the new PUBG map. Do mention that camping issue as it can become a headache for many players.


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