Naraka: Bladepoint Best Weapons (Weapon Tier List)

Naraka: Bladepoint has less than a dozen melee and ranged weapons. You can always try out all of them to...

Naraka: Bladepoint has less than a dozen melee and ranged weapons. You can always try out all of them to see which one suits your playstyle or which one you deem to be the best.

Just remember that your weapon needs to work in tandem with your character. It is hence important that you not only pick the best weapon but the best weapon for your character.

If you don’t have the patience or time to experiment with the weaponry in Naraka: Bladepoint, you can simply follow the guide below to glance at the best weapons the game has to offer in both melee and ranged categories.

Naraka: Bladepoint Weapon Tier List

Tier Weapons
S Tier Longsword, Bow, Spear
A Tier Musket, Katana, Swarm
B Tier Greatsword, Flamebringer, Dagger
D Tier Pistol, Cannon

The Longsword, Bow, and Spear are completely unmatched in their respective categories and are hence categorized as S-Tier weapons in Naraka: Bladepoint.

The Longsword and Spear are the best melee weapons due to their versatility and damage output. The Bow on the other hand has the best range and attack speed of any ranged weapon alongside excellent damage output.

The Pistol and Cannon are good weapons but not as good as the other options available in Naraka: Bladepoint.

Best Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are for those who want to get in close and personal. They are most suited for close-range combat.


The Longsword is arguably the best melee weapon of Naraka: Bladepoint as it ticks all the different categories which make a weapon deadly.

It has high damage output; great attack range and speed of attack is also really high. Even though it doesn’t have the highest damage of all melee weapons, the balance it provides in other categories is unmatched.

The Longsword allows you to use forward-lunge attacks which get you close to the enemy with each attack. The lunge attack along with the combo of the Longsword is a recipe for destruction and success.


The Spear was added to the game after release but it has made its mark as one of the best melee weapons in the game due to its long attack range. Using the Spear, you can attack the enemy from a range compared to other melee weapons, which helps you out in defense.

Another thing about the Spear which makes it a great weapon is its tracking assist, which is more powerful compared to other melee weapons. It means that you will have a greater chance of hitting the enemy where other weapons fall short.


The Greatsword has the highest weapon damage out of all the melee weapons. It hits the enemy with such force that they get knocked back and stunned for a bit. However, the attack speed of the Greatsword is not that high, so you will need to figure out how to use this weapon as efficiently as possible.


The Dagger does not have that high damage per hit. However, the rapid attack speed makes up for it and makes the Dagger one of the best melee weapons in the game.

It is also a really versatile weapon and will be useful in almost all combat situations. Its Dagger Dash combo is also very overpowered as it allows you to land a hit in extra focus mode.


Similar to the Longsword, the Katana is also a good melee weapon, even though it cannot match the Longsword in damage output. The Katana has a shorter attack range and does less damage but has a better speed of attack as compared to the Longsword. Its focus attack will slice the air and deal a good amount of damage.

Best Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are for those who like to maintain their distance so as to kite enemies. The best ranged player will never let an enemy get close to them.


The Flamebringer is a flamethrower that is extremely overpowered as it is really difficult to counter. However, it is quite rare to obtain during a game so if you find it, you will have your hands on one of the best-ranged weapons in the game.


The Musket is similar to a hunting rifle and it is capable of doing high damage from long range. However, it has a really slow rate of attack and required charge time after a few hits.

If you are able to manage that, then Musket is the weapon for you. The Musket also has a zoom function and a large magazine, which makes it a really good ranged weapon option.


The Bow is a more classic ranged weapon but still, is a really powerful weapon in Naraka: Bladepoint. It shares similarities to the Musket, with a slow attack rate and charged attacks.

If you successfully land a charged shot, it will damage the enemy greatly. It has a better rate of fire than the Musket and arguably, is the strongest range weapon in the game.


Swarm is similar to a rocket launcher. However, instead of firing a rocket, it launches jars of poisonous bees at your enemies. It is also quite hard to find, just like the Flamebringer. But if you manage to get your hands on it, you can wipe trio squads all on your own.


The Pistol is quite a handy weapon, especially in close quarters. However, it has a long charge time and reduces your movement speed when equipped. So it will be crucial to hit your shots with it if you want to have the upper hand on your opponent.

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