2K Demands More Memory From PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, Probably for Additional Predatory Mechanics

PS5 and Xbox Scarlett should have more memory and storage space, according to 2K Games. Next-gen titles are bigger and more complex to develop.

2K Games wants more memory and storage capacity from PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. According to WWE 2K19 Executive Producer Mark Little, everyone at 2K Games would like to see more memory and storage capacity on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. Considering the predatory practices this publisher is known for, it probably needs more memory to accommodate additional loot box and microtransactions mechanics.

LiteBluly, having blu-rays as our media is challenging because the advent of 4K gaming means everything is getting better and bigger and bigger, and we try to add more content every year,

One of the challenges we have every year is how do we try to fit everything on to a blu-ray, and then how do you load it fast enough, because you’re literally talking 50GBs of data.

It seems like a funny problem to have, but it is one of those challenges we face, and we talk to the hardware guys about it and they’re like, ‘yeah, that’s hard’.

It is a fact that the overall file sizes are increasing with every other major release. Just looking at Red Dead Redemption 2’s file size would give you an idea just how massive they are getting. With the launch of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett they are only expected to grow, hence, we require more storage capacity as well as more memory to accommodate the demanding nature of next-gen games.

Current-gen hardware is holding back some of the most major video games in development. Bethesda recently shared how Starfield is being held back by current-gen hardware. Bethesda went as far as to suggest that Starfield may end up being exclusive to PS5 and Xbox Scarlett due to current-gen hardware limitations.

Starfield is releasing on consoles and PC in Q4 2019, according to some trademark data we were able to dig.

Source: Express

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