Monster Hunter: World Iceborne All Weapon Changes

This MHW Guide breaks down all the significant changes made to weapons in Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion so you can adjust accordingly.

There are some significant changes made to the game in the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion, one of them is some new weapon changes that we have not seen before. They are unique and very helpful to players. This guide will breakdown all these weapon changes.

Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Weapons

The weapon upgrades act as upgrades to your standard weapons and attacks and work as an extension and a part of your attack. Following is a list of all the significant weapon changes that in the game for each playable weapon:

Long Sword

Now in the game hunters using long swords will be able to shoot powerful slinger burst shots in-between spirit splashes, that will give more damage.

When you successfully land a hit, the new lai slash will allow you to fill up your spirit gauge quickly and it will help land some great hits that will counter anything that enemy throws at you.

If you time your lai spirit slash carefully, you will be able to land the hit without even consuming your spirit gauge.


Greatsword has the new slinger Burst that can soften up the monster’s hide. You can also combo this with True Charged slash. On the other hand, the True Charged slash has also been updated with improved.

Dual Blades

Dual Blades can give hunters good mobility to evade the attack and with its slinger burst you can also use this for a counter-attack and it has short range but high damage.

Clutch claw is also added to Dual Blade, and it significantly increases the attacking power of Dual Blade.

Sword & Shield

Now you can easily switch between sword and shield and will be able to use both, the slinger & clutch claw attack plus slinger bursts will be very easy while the weapon is unsheathed.

Now with the clutch claw, you can easily take hold of any monster, especially the ones who can fly. While evading monster attacks you can use clutch claw and will be able to land a hit on the monster.

With this technique, by using clutch claw and slinger burst attack, you can easily do a chain attack on the monster with good timing.


If you have slinger ammo, you can unleash thousand dragons attack on your enemy which will use all your slinger ammo targeted at your enemy at once. This will be a big blow and take a heavy toll on enemy health.

You can also switch between aiming your slinger or your bow. This will allow you to fire clutch claw or slinger ammo at once.

Light Bowgun

Now with this light Bowgun, you have a new mod called evade-reload. With this, you can reload your Bowgun while evading the enemy attack.

While holding light Bowgun, you will have the option to switch between the Bowgun and slinger. This will allow you to use clutch claw and slinger ammo.

Another new mod, Wyvern Blast Counter. This will help you counter-attack enemy with a big blast. It has a big recoil and short detonation time, but it is a huge attack.

Heavy Bowgun

With a new mod in Iceborne, this special Scope will allow you to shoot monsters in a first-person point-of-view with a Heavy Bowgun.

With the Heavy Bowgun as well, you can switch between your Bowgun and slinger which will help you attack slinger and use the clutch claw.

Charge Blade

With Charge Blade, you can use slinger Burst and the improved ability is that you can even use this while guarding. Slinger Burst will deal more damage when you are in Axe mode.

Charge blade becomes a devastating weapon when you use it for Savage Axe Slash. It takes a big toll on enemy health. It is improved to be more futile now.

Insect Glaive

You can use your Slinger ammo to buff up your kinsects and will also give bonuses. Doing this will also increase their ability to collect multiple extracts at once. The type of gathered extract will depend upon the Slinger Ammo you use.

When you use Insect Glaive, it will give your Clutch Claw a big advantage, and you will be able to use it in mid-air.

With Insect Glaive, you will be able to make some new jumping attacks, like falling onto the monsters which will stagger them and then kinsects will follow up with their attacks.


With the hammer, you will be able to do slinger shots even while charging. The best thing about this is that the charged state of the weapon will not go away even after you have fired slinger burst shot.

Clutch Claw also doesn’t diminish the charged state while you’re using the hammer. This is very useful, you can grab the monster and do a charged attack which is going to be futile.

Hunting Horn

You can implement new Echo waves in the field using Hunter Horn, it will carry buffs for your teammates, your teammates just need to touch the bubble and they will get the buff.

Now you can even make more bubbles with echo waves if you layer them using melodies.


With Lance, you will be able to use slinger shots on the enemy even if they are behind their shield using Guard Shot Attack. But this move will render you motionless. With Lance, you will also be able to use Clutch Claw as a counter-attack.


This Gunlance can also do the slinger shots but it can also do a devastating Wyrmstake Blast. This will leave a stake in the monster which will explode and its damage depends on the type of ammo you use. You will need to hit that Wyrmstake to make it explode.

Switch Axe

Slinger Burst shot is also added to switch attack now. When you have used a few attacks, then using slinger burst will give an exponential increase in damage.

This is a very powerful attack and will deal more damage when pairing with a few attacks.

You can use the Clutch Claw while in the middle of elemental discharge, this will take you very close to the monster and you will be able to deal more damage.

If you successfully do Clutch Claw with elemental discharge, it will take your axe to an amped state for a continuous high DPS.

These are all the weapons and weapon changes in Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion.

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