Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Xbox One X Enhancements Announced, See What’s Included

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War got released just a few days ago and there’s no doubt that it’s a visually satisfying video game. Even though its standard version looks completely fine on its own, Microsoft is bringing Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Xbox One X Enhancements to the Xbox One X with 4K resolution and increased.

Giving “visual enhancement” editions to upcoming video game titles isn’t a new thing since the market made it possible for both PC and consoles to be able to support this kind of upgrade. Middle-earth: Shadow of War follows the steps of Final Fantasy 15 giving a massive upgrade to the game’s graphics.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Xbox One X Enhancements will include two basic modes:

  • Favour Resolution – Which will have increased texture detail and targets native 4K resolution
  • Favour Quality – Which has increased texture detail, increased draw distances, improved shadow, and lighting quality, increased vegetation, improved ambient occlusion, higher polygon counts (keeping higher quality lods on screen for longer) and texture improvements.

Both modes will bring an obvious upgrade to Middle-earth: Shadow of War graphics when Xbox One X releases. On the console, all cinematics will be played at 1080p but an optional 4K Cinematics Pack DLC will be available for free if you want to grab it.

Matt Allen, Lead Software Engineer in Monolith has said about the Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Xbox One X Enhancements:

4K on the PC is awesome, and once you’ve been playing for a while in 4K it’s difficult to go back to something smaller (resolution),” Allen continues. “We got the same feeling of awesomeness when we finally got HDR up and running on the Scorpio (Xbox One X). This is the exact same level, in 4K, but 4K HDR on the Scorpio.

Xbox One X is set for release on November 7 worldwide and the Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Xbox One X Enhancements will be available that day too.

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