Microsoft To Make An Important Announcement At Game Awards 2016?

Game Awards 2016 are about to begin, it’s a matter of days.

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This event will be the perfect occasion for companies to show new stuff and it seems also Microsoft is going to tease something. According to recent rumors, Microsoft is going to make an important announcement at Game Awards 2016.

Are they going to talk about Project Scorpio?

We don’t know, but, whatever this announcement will be about, prepare yourself for really interesting.

However, Project Scorpio will be a really powerful console and it will cost more than Xbox S, according to Phil Spencer’s words during a recent interview with

Scorpio will be a premium console, it will obviously cost more than Xbox One S, and that’s how we’re building it. We haven’t announced anything about Scorpio’s price yet, but I want to make sure that the investments that we are putting into this console meets the demands of the higher end customer, and that will obviously mean a higher price for this console. When we think about the console market, we understand that there are more multiple products that our costumers buy. Some people will probably buy the 500GB Xbox One S, but other costumers will prefer to buy a cheaper console, Xbox One Standard. That’s the idea of market we have in mind.

Besides the cost, Project Scorpio is an important occasion for Microsoft to show us what they’ve got, and since their advertisement is based on “true 4K experience”, it will be extremely important to stay true to people expectations

Game Awards 2016 will be held on December 1, 2016, while Project Scorpio is releasing in 2017.