Microsoft May Hold a PSX Like Event This Fall, Phil Spencer Hints

Microsoft won’t be appearing at Gamescom this year which is major disappointment for German fans. Last time we saw Microsoft we attending E3 2016. According to Phil Spencer will have something to say before the year is out.

His statement indicates that Microsoft may host a PlayStation Experience like event.


It seems the trend of attending third party events is slowly dying. Companies now prefer hosting their own event and speaking directly to their own fan base. Sony is also skipping this year’s Gamescom so we’ll be seeing Sony at PlayStation Experience in December.

Microsoft didn’t outright confirm its own event but these tweets are a very good indication. Even if there isn’t a “Xbox Experience” this Fall, at least we know that Microsoft will be sharing more about its games future plans before the end of 2016.

Which games would like Microsoft to discuss this Fall? Do you think the return of Alan Wake is possible? Share what you think in the comment below.

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